Vic Park announces support for Grow It Local initiative

Published on 25 October 2019


The Town of Victoria Park is proud to support a new community initiative from the creators of Australia’s award-winning Garage Sale Trail, which encourages more people to grow, share and eat locally grown foods.

Grow It Local - Your Local Grow Community is a celebration of backyard, balcony, community and window-sill farmers, and was founded in partnership with the Myer Foundation, Republic of Everyone and Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick councils.

The program is open for residents to register their patch on the map and get involved in their local grow community. Registered users can list what they’re growing, find other growers nearby and connect to share produce, knowledge, skills and more.

Mayor Karen Vernon said Grow It Local will help make growing food more accessible to more people.

“It will help provide a connection to nature, inspire positive health and wellbeing, connect communities and reduce organic waste to landfill. I encourage everyone to get involved,” Mayor Vernon said.

Darryl Nichols, co-founder, Grow It Local said “In doing so, we hope to enable conversations about growing food locally, to connect local growers and to inspire more people to grow and eat locally grown foods.”

Costa Georgiadis, host, ABC’s Gardening Australia and local ambassador, Grow It Local, said: “With Grow It Local, we’re more connected to nature and our neighbours, we’d compost more and have more fertile soils. Life would be juicier and more delicious!”

The initiative kicks off with the inaugural Grow It Local Festival, running from 4-10 November.

Local growers, community gardeners, restaurants, bars and cafes are invited to put their patch on the map and register an event for the festival - a community-led celebration of events, activities and experiences rooted in growing, sharing and eating locally grown foods. Events, activities and experiences can be ticketed or free.

To register your patch, visit