Stage 1 (Completed): A community vision for Macmillan Precinct


Stage 1: A Community Vision for Macmillan Precinct's Future  

In response to the Macmillan Precinct’s place content and its duelling opportunities and challenges, the Town engaged RobertsDay - WA Based urban planning consultants - to help facilitate the creation of a community charter that:

  • Defines an emerging community vision and key principles that captures expectations and aspirations for the future of Macmillan Precinct;
  • Sets out clear, key guidance for the Macmillan Precinct Masterplan to reflect the community vision;
  • Provide long term direction to inform the activation, design, development and management of the future Macmillan Precinct. 

A Macmillan Precinct Community Vision

The Macmillan Precinct Community Vision has been directly shaped by the feedback of local club members, residents and community group representatives who have shared their values, priorities and concerns through surveys, interviews, feedback sessions and workshops in the first half of 2020.

View the Macmillan Precinct Vision Workshop Document.

Vision for Macmillan Precinct

The Vision for Macmillan Precinct reflects shared aspirations for its future and will guide all major decisions over the coming decades. 

The Macmillan Precinct is Victoria Park's shared commons , where culture, community and creativity intertwine .

Welcoming community facilities, immersive green spaces and an eclectic mix of uses and events shape a unique destination connected to history while embracing a bold future .


Guiding Principles for Macmillan Precinct Masterplan

The Macmillan Precinct Community Charter consists of four guiding principles that will direct the Town of Victoria Park’s development of the Precinct’s Masterplan.