Stage 2 (Completed): Macmillan Precinct Concept Plan


The Macmillan Precinct Concept Plan is a high level guide for the future detailed Masterplan (stage 3). The Concept Plan is based on wider community feedback from the Victoria Park community, including local residents, businesses, sporting clubs, community groups and facility operators.

The Concept Plan is needed to guide the Town of Victoria Park’s response to identified issues and needs at Macmillan Precinct, based on the values and priorities of the community. 


A Macmillan Precinct Concept Plan

Macmillan Precinct Concept Plan builds on more than six months of community consultation and draws together the best of three co-designed scenarios to set a clear and exciting direction for the future. 

The Macmillan Precinct Concept Plan also considers initial financial and engineering analysis and review of the design scenarios. 

The Concept Plan is not the final plan but will guide and direct a future detailed Masterplan. 

View the Macmillan Precinct Concept Plan (PDF 176mb).