Why a Macmillan Precinct Redevelopment?

Findings from the Town of Victoria Park’s 2018 Building Condition Assessments for Macmillan Precinct identified emerging challenges which will require significant renewal and investment over the coming decades. 



These challenges include:

  • Ageing community service facilities, including Vic Park Library and Vic Park Leisurelife
  • Poor accessibility to accommodate all community members at the facilities
  • Shortage of space to deliver modern community services for a growing population 
  • Concerns for safety and activity around the Macmillan Precinct
  • The need for more community services and facilities to meet a growing population (The Town of Victoria Park’s population is expected to grow by approximately 22% in the next decade). 




A Masterplan for Macmillan Precinct

To address these challenges, the Town of Victoria Park is working closely with local clubs, groups and residents to collaboratively shape a masterplan fit for the future needs of Vic Park’s community. 

A masterplan is a strategic planning document that will guide the long term land use of the Macmillan Precinct Redevelopment. Such an important document requires rigorous diligence, extensive consultation and sustainable planning over several years. 


Together with the Town’s community and key stakeholders, we have started the first few important stages of the Macmillan Precinct Redevelopment, to guide the creation of a vibrant and innovative hub for living, learning, culture, wellness and community at the heart of Town of Victoria Park. 

The Macmillan Precinct Redevelopment is working towards providing the Vic Park community with opportunities to access, enjoy and creatively use flexible, state-of-the-community facilities, that can respond to changing tastes and needs today and tomorrow.