Dog registration

All dogs over the age of three months must be micro-chipped and registered with the Town of Victoria Park or other Local Government Authority. Discounts are offered for sterilised dogs (upon proof of sterilisation). A dog registration will always expire on 31 October. If a dog is registered mid way through the year a one year registration will expire on 31 October that same year. A lifetime registration lasts for the lifetime of the dog that is registered.

Register your dog online

You can now renew your dog registration online.

Registration renewal
New dog registration

Registration fees

Registration type  


Pensioner fee  
One year unsterilised $50 $25
One year sterilised $20 $10
Three year unsterilised $120 $60
Three year sterilised $42.50 $21.25
Lifetime unsterilised $250 $125
Lifetime sterilised $100 $50
Assistance dog $0 $0


Multiple dog application

You will require approval from the Town of Victoria Park to keep more than two dogs over the age of three months on your property. If an application to keep more than two dogs on one property is granted, this application only applies to the dogs referred to in the application. Another application will need to be submitted if a dog is deceased and you want to obtain another dog. To apply you will need to do the following:

  • Print and fill out the Multiple Dog Application Form(PDF, 197KB).
  • Provide a statement on this form that explains why you have decided to apply to keep more than two dogs.
  • Pay the related fees quoted upon enquiry.

NB: All fees are non-refundable and an application does not guarantee approval being granted.

Your application is subject to the Town's assessment.
The following is part of the assessment process to determine what the recommendation will be:

  • A property inspection, including an interview with the applicant, by one of the Town’s authorised officers.
  • Photographs to be taken by the authorised officer, of the property and any dogs that reside on this property.
  • A survey will be posted to your surrounding neighbours asking for their feedback in relation to the application.

Once the information is collated, a written report with recommendations of all the above-mentioned then needs to go before a Council meeting.

The whole process can take at least two months once submitted.

Change of circumstances

Notify the Town immediately if you change your address details, phone number, ownership or if your dog is deceased. If you move to another Council area, you must notify the Council you are leaving, and the new Council where you will be residing, of your dog's registration details. You will need to ensure that the current registration is transferred to the new Council. Fines may apply if any of this is not completed.

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