Entertainment precincts and commercial events

Regulations 18 and 19A is an approval for a sporting, cultural or entertainment event.

The approval allows noise emissions for a major venue and/or an event to exceed the assigned noise levels provided the event is carried out in accordance with the conditions of the approval. This regulation is most commonly utilised for one-off events.

The Regulations set assigned (allowable) noise levels for various types of premises that receive noise from other premises. This guideline has been developed to:

  • Reduce the noise intensity of an event commensurate with its duration.
  • Support events and ensure their viability.
  • Minimise noise impacts on local communities by providing clear thresholds for different event types.

However, many activities in the community cannot reasonably and practicably meet the assigned levels, but retain a degree of acceptance, either because of the temporary nature of the activity or the perceived community benefit.

The Regulations make special provision for such activities, including construction noise, concerts, outdoor events and others

For more information on the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 click here.  

Regulation 18 provides an approval process for sporting, cultural and entertainment events that would lose their character or value if required to comply with the prescribed standard. This regulation is most commonly used for occasional outdoor music events that are open to the public. Whilst most regulation 18 applications relate to single-day events, some events run for a much longer duration. The impact of longer duration events are generally far more significant on the community.

Regulation 18 approvals are required for any public event that can not reasonably comply with the assigned noise levels and are subject to a range of conditions and limitations to manage the noise impacts on the surrounding community as far as reasonably practicable.