Adopt-a-verge program


The Adopt-a-Verge program is about getting together with neighbours and transforming the verge areas in a street into beautiful native gardens, with the assistance of the Town of Victoria Park. The verge is considered to be the area between the road and your property.

There are many benefits in engaging in an Adopt-a-Verge program, including the greening of our local streets, increasing and fostering local biodiversity and establishing biodiversity corridors throughout the municipality (which means fauna can more easily move around).

The landscaping of residents’ verges using water-wise practices may be eligible for a rebate of $500 per property, subject to funding. It is operated on a first-come, first served basis. The trial is not available to commercial or industrial properties, developers or existing landscaped verges.

Aims of the ‘Adopt-a-Verge’ program

  • Reduced water use
  • Biodiversity
  • Aesthetically pleasing verges

Landscaping must meet the following criteria


Soil levels may need to be lowered around the edges, or over the whole verge.

  • Why? Topdressing and mulching gradually builds up surface levels.
  • A new garden needs a mulch layer, and sometimes added soil improvers. These may raise finished levels to above kerb lines, footpaths and crossovers. Mulch and soil above existing kerb lines can wash out in heavy rain and can block road drains.

    You may need to organise the removal and disposal of excess soil and existing turf as required.

    Care needs to be taken when excavating around an existing verge tree as any root damage can affect the overall health and vigour of the tree. Roots larger than 25mm diameter should not be removed.

    Caution must be used to prevent damage to any existing services within the verge.

Weed control

Existing turf and weeds should be removed or sprayed out well before planting.

  • Why? They will reinfest the new landscaping and contribute to extra maintenance.


The ideal time for planting your Waterwise verge is between April and October.

  • Why? Less water is used in establishing the new garden, plants form strong healthy root systems more easily, reduces the risk of plant losses due to hot and dry weather conditions.


The use of Waterwise plants, selected from the Town’s ‘Your Street Verge - Sustainable Landscaping Guide’ or the Water Corporation’s website at The use of Waterwise Western Australian native plants is encouraged.

  • Why? To provide an attractive streetscape for residents, and provide habitat for our local fauna.


Turf grass is not a Waterwise verge treatment.

  • Why? Turf grass is one of the heaviest users of water in any garden.


Plant diversity – At least three different plant species are required to provide a degree of biodiversity in the plant selection; eg:

  • Example one Example two
    Conostylis aculeata Yes, enough plant diversity  Anigozanthos Bush Ballad No, not enough plant diversity 
    Banksia blechnifolia Anigozanthos Bush Blitz
    Patersonia occidentalis Anigozanthos Bush Pearl


No irrigation except the use of Waterwise irrigation which includes trickle or drip systems, sub-surface irrigation, or the use of MP rotator nozzles in place of regular pop-up sprinkler nozzles.

  • Why? Shrub sprays, micro-sprays and regular pop-up sprinkler nozzles are not Waterwise as they are subject to wind-drift.
  • Where there is no irrigation, native plants will require hand watering through at least the first summer.


The use of coarse particle bark chip or shredded tree prunings to a depth of 50-100mm, which is to be suitably retained on the verge.

  • Why? Mulch is a primary cause of blockages in our road drainage systems following heavy rain.
  • Small particle mulch tends to absorb and hold water instead of allowing it to filter through to the soil below. Mulchnet is a source of inexpensive shredded tree prunings.

Verge trees

You may also request a street tree to be planted on your verge. The Town will supply and plant it during the next winter planting season; and water and maintain it for three years at no charge to you. The tree species is selected from the Town’s Tree Plan.

  • Why? To enhance your new verge garden, provide shade, and habitat for fauna.

Remember to maintain the same soil levels around existing verge trees.

  • Why? Changes in soil levels can affect the health of tree root systems, and cause collar rot of the trunk. Mulch should not be piled against tree trunks.

Verge treatments  

The Town encourages verge landscaping that is sustainable, water-wise, aesthetically pleasing and reflects the natural heritage of the Town.

Many of the street verges within the Town are irrigated lawn. Whilst water efficient turf (there are several new varieties available) will be the minimum standard for future turf installations on the verge, more attractive, user-friendly verges can be created with planted designs. The use of plant varieties which are water-wise, reduce the need for fertilisers, provide habitat for birds and insects and include indigenous (local) plants. Planted verges can also help develop the Town’s individual character and form a sense of place. 

We have put together some Street verge guidelines(PDF, 5MB) to give you some ideas for your verge.

How do I apply?

  1. Fill out a Verge Treatment Application form.
    You are also required to adhere to the Local Law requirements as listed on the application form.
  2. Submit the completed form to the Town of Victoria Park.
  3. Wait for a request to alter your plan or for a letter of approval.
  4. A Council officer will do a site visit and take ‘before’ photographs.
  5. Landscape your verge according to the approved plans.
  6. Send us some photos showing the newly installed landscaping. A Council officer will then schedule a final inspection.
  7. Maintain your new verge landscape in a neat and tidy manner for three months.
  8. Final inspection by a Council officer, and ‘after’ photos will be taken.
  9. You may be asked to alter some items if necessary. Once these items have been attended to, your rebate will be approved.
  10. Maintain your landscape in a neat and tidy manner thereafter.
  11. No requirement for receipts to be provided.

Condition of participation –
Photographs may be used in promotional materials.

Submit an application form online



This initiative is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation's Waterwise Greening Scheme and forms part of our ambition for the Town to be a leading waterwise community.