Three project areas included in Round Six

In August 2016 the SUPP Committee advised the Town that three of the precincts submitted by the Town had been selected to be surveyed in order to determine the level of community support for inclusion in the project.  The precincts selected by the SUPP Committee to be surveyed were allocated the project area names of Victoria Park West, Victoria Park East and Carlisle North.  Maps of the precincts are below.

In order to avoid accusations that the survey could be biased, the survey letters sent to all property owners were identically worded for all local governments and the survey was carried out by an independently accredited survey company.

Prior to SUPP sending the survey letters, the Town sent letters to all owners of properties within the project areas, advising them that they would be receiving a survey letter and encouraging them to read the information contained in the survey letter and to complete and return the survey. 

Following analysis of the survey responses and input from Western Power in respect to identifying those areas of the metropolitan area which have the lowest reliability of power supply, the then Minister for Energy announced in late January 2017 that 17 project areas had been selected to progress to the next stage of Round Six.  Three of the selected project areas are within the Town, being the three project areas mentioned above - Victoria Park West, Victoria Park East and Carlisle North.  This means that detailed design work was based on the three projects.

On completion of design, a detailed cost estimate of each project was provided by the Office of Public Utilities (a branch of the Department of Finance, managing the SUPP for the State Government) to Council. In accordance with the resolution in the November 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting (item 12.3), Council formally approved execution of a contract with Western Power for the project works and determined the scale of the underground power service charge to be levied on each property within the project areas.

The Town is subsidising a portion of the total project cost to keep the underground power service charge close to the amounts detailed in the survey letters sent out to property owners in 2016. Upon determining the service charges for each property the Town is providing discounts for properties: adjacent to high voltage power lines, impacted by switchgear, with pre-existing internal underground power connections, and vacant land.

Western Power has provided the following detail regarding anticipated commencement of works:  

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Project area

Design completed

Construction commences

Victoria Park East

March 2019

March 2020*

Victoria Park West

March 2019

March 2020*

Carlisle North

July 2018

March 2020*


*Project commencement dates and duration are subject to change as there may be unforeseen project constraints and disruptions during the construction phase of the projects.

The first project payment due is the anticipated date that the Town will be required to make the first cash call, or payment, to Western Power under the terms of the contract to be executed.  All the dates mentioned in the table are subject to change, with the higher probability being that time frames would be extended rather than reduced.  The estimated time for the construction phase of:

  • Vic Park East and Vic Park West is approximately 21 months plus a buffer period of 10 months.
  • Carlisle North is approximately 16 months plus a buffer period of 10 months.