E-waste, cardboard & motor oil


The Town is pleased to inform all residents that under a partnership arrangement with the City of South Perth, the following services have been made available through the City’s Recycling Centre (Corner Hayman Road and Thelma Street):

Disposal of e Waste:

  • Televisions – Plasma, CRT, LCD, LED, Rear Projection
  • Computer Equipment
  • Laptops, notebooks, palm tops
  • Desktop /Central Processing Units, cards and motherboards
  • Monitors, printers, faxes, scanners, multi-function units that scan/fax/print, and web cameras
  • Compact disc drives, digital video disk drives, hard drives and floppy drives
  • Mouse and trackball,  keyboards, joysticks and game pads

(These items must be intact as well as obsolete or unused. Maximum of 15 items per visit)

Disposal of clean/uncontaminated cardboard (exclusions include wrapping, polystyrene foam or similar)

Disposal of uncontaminated used motor oil (must not be contaminated with other petroleum products, coolants or similar. Maximum of 10 litres per visit).

These services are made available at no cost to residents, however you will be required to provide 'proof of residency' in the Town of Victoria Park. Please note all other wastes will not be accepted under this arrangement. 


Corner Hayman Road and Thelma Street, Como


9474 0970


Open Wednesday to Sunday 8am-2pm.

Closed Monday, Tuesday and Public Holidays.