Below are some of the most common questions we have received regarding the introduction of the GO bin in August. We'll keep updating these, so be sure to check back in.

Why are we changing to a new bin system?

A three-bin system is an easy way for residents to actively make a positive difference to our environment. A new bin for garden organic waste allows residents to make better choices about how to dispose of their waste.

By improving your recycling behaviour and using the new garden organics (GO) bin, you'll be helping prevent useful resources from going to landfill.

The introduction of GO bins is expected to transform approximately 3,000 tonnes of green waste into a range of high-quality soil-enhancing products over the next year.

The new bin system will allow us to recover more resources, reduce waste to landfill and reduce the cost of waste management. The garden organic waste collected with the new GO bin will be turned into useful organic resources.

Why GO and not FOGO? (food organics and garden organics)

The WA Government anticipates that the state's FOGO processing industry would be able to establish sustainable processing facilities to accommodate the metropolitan councils by around 2025. 

The common processing method currently adopted for large scale FOGO processing involve outdoor windrowing where the contamination rate could be significant.

There is currently no real domestic demand for FOGO compost products and hence rendering the garden organics collected being of no or low value too.

To ensure that the best value outcome is achieved and that the Town’s clean garden organics are not contaminated by food organics, we decided to delay the adoption of FOGO collection.

Garden organics (GO), is a ‘purer’ product with less than one to two per cent contamination. The product is readily marketable. We encourage a circular economy where waste becomes a reusable product.

Where will the contents of my GO bin go?

Green waste collected from GO bins will be processed into high quality compost.

When will my bins be collected?

General waste (red bin) will still be collected weekly, while recycling (yellow bin) and garden organics (green bin) will be collected on alternate weeks.

What if I don’t want a GO bin?

If you qualify for automatic bin (your property is 400m2 or above), and you don’t want one, you can opt out. We'll provide more details how to do this soon, you'll have until July to opt out of the GO bin.

What if my property still has the two-bin system?

Properties less than 400m2 remaining on the two-bin system can place garden organic material in their general waste bin. Nothing will change for you, unless you apply for and receive a GO bin.

What will happen during the GO bin roll out?

The roll out will occur in two phases.

First phase will be automatic opt-in all residential properties (excl. multi units and apartments) greater 400m2 for the GO bin. A new lime lid 240L GO bin will be delivered and your general waste bin lid will be swapped with a red lid. You will be able to opt out from the GO bin until July.

The second phase will allow for properties less than 400m2 to opt in for a GO bin. Each application will be assessed by the Town, and does not guarantee a GO bin.

Will the GO bin cost residents more?

There will be no charge for the supply of the GO bin, and no additional charge above and beyond any waste charge that may be levied for the standard waste collection.


Do I get a discount if I don’t have a green bin?

There will be no additional charges or any discounts for either receiving or opting out of a GO bin.

Will the Town still provide bulk green waste collections?

We will not make any changes in 2022 in relation to bulk green waste collections. Please refer to your waste calendar for specific dates on when bulk green waste will be collected.

If I compost can I choose not to have the bin?

Yes, those that fall into the first stage of the roll out with land areas greater than 400m2 can opt out of the GO bin.

What if I cannot fit the extra bin in?

If your property is greater than 400m2, you can opt out from receiving a GO bin. If you stick with the two-bin system, you’re still able to place organic waste in the general waste bin, chose to compost at home, share waste app, or speak to your local community garden for alternatives.

Do I need to register for anything?

Only if:

  • you have a property larger than 400m2 and do not want a garden organics bin
  • you have a property smaller than 400m2 and would like a garden organics bin (excluding commercial and multi-unit/apartments)
  • you want to be notified of delivery dates by email and/or SMS
  • if you currently have an additional waste service and would like to continue or discontinue this service.

We'll let you know how these can be done in April. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please contact our Depot Technical Officer on 9311 8111.

What if my GO bin is too heavy to wheel around the yard?

If wheeling your bin around your yard is too hard, some people collect their prunings, grass clippings and weeds in a bucket, basket or other reusable container before tipping them in.

Laying out a tarp under bushes will catch your prunings too, and you can carefully lift and tip into the bin for contamination free gardening.

How can I reduce the smell from my GO bin?

Keep it in a shady, sheltered spot.

Layer drier materials like small branches and sticks at the bottom of the bin to increase air flow.

Put it out for collection each fortnight, even if it’s not full.