Strategic Waste Statement

The Town of Victoria Park is committed to the delivery of best practice waste management services to the community in a social, environmental and financially sustainable manner, whilst striving to achieve the targets set in the State Government Waste Avoidance and Recovery Strategy 2030.

Within the Town, waste management is everyone’s business, including individuals, households, neighbourhoods, community groups, schools, local businesses and the Town of Victoria Park. Working together, in partnership, with the Town taking the lead, sustainable waste management practices are achievable for all stakeholders.

The Town of Victoria Park will set the direction that strives to become a participant in an overall circular economy, with a greater focus on waste avoidance and improved waste hierarchy options with regards to waste that is generated and minimising waste disposal to landfill.



The Town recognises that sustainable waste management requires a substantial financial commitment from the community and with this comes the responsibility for all stakeholders to develop the most efficient and effective waste management solutions that minimise waste generation while maximising resource recovery.

Community engagement, acceptance, awareness and involvement is critical to the successful implementation of sustainable, best practice waste management systems. The Town of Victoria Park will work with the community and all other stakeholders to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome, which achieves the most sustainable social, environmental and financial deliverables.

The Town of Victoria Park appreciates that sustainable waste management is an ongoing and evolving journey, which requires continuous effort, input and participation from all stakeholders in order to become a sustainable, low-waste, circular economy in which human health and the environment are protected from the impacts of waste.

Waste workshop