Urban Ecosystems

An urban ecosystem is the community of plants and animals that inhabit and share our urban environment with us. 

A healthy urban environment contains a rich patchwork of green spaces - parks, street plantings, greenways, urban streams, commercial landscaping - that provide the living heart of the urban environment. 

We can enhance the natural ecosystems in Town through planting local trees and creating vegetated areas that provide habitat and building blocks for interrelated living systems to flourish.  

Around Town, we have identified public areas, parks, and verges which can benefit from more tree and low shrub planting using flora propagated from remaining natural bushland within Town.

Increased tree and shrub planting will help to:

  • Increase vegetation, supporting our local fauna;
  • Contribute to the Town’s 20% Urban Forest canopy cover target;
  • Improve the ecology of the Town, making it a healthier and happier place to live! 

Planting of the trees and shrubs will involve site preparation and planting of suitably identified local species that will thrive in the selected area.

Residents and community members of the Town are also invited to get involved in the Town’s Urban Ecosystem program via community planting days. 

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