Vic Park Projection Festival

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The Vic Park Projection Fest: 2020

The inaugural Vic Park Projection Fest (presented by the Vic. Park Collective for Town of Victoria Park's Arts Season) brings you four projection/audio-visual art pieces, each illuminating a different concept of ‘place’, as it applies to Victoria Park. From the ancient roots and continuing living history and culture as Aboriginal land, and Noongar Boodja, through historical aspects and documented physical history of the commercial strip, to a tongue in cheek reference to the car yards and main motor channel that have characterised Vic Park’s recent history to a metaphysical or emotional experience of local living and community, expressed in more abstract colour and movement.

Featuring some of Perth’s premiere projection/AV artists, the Vic Park Projection Festival is a community based arts event that aims to activate areas of Victoria Park and the much beloved Albany Hwy strip and repurpose it’s nooks and crannies as a live canvas to promote community, connectivity and curiosity. The #Vicparkprojectionfest boasts five prominent Perth artists artists to engage local audiences, reward those who may stroll off the beaten track, bring together community to discuss and appreciate art as well as activate spaces by, quite literally, bringing them into the light; Look up and see familiar places a-new.


 Freedom of Movement / Old Studio - 871 Albany Hwy

by Charmaine Cole & Steven Alyian

Celestial motion from the moon flows through the elements of water, plants and fire. A tapestry of indigenous art that explores conservation, bush food, the courage of our elders and sacred union of woman and man. A cyclical movement of spirit seeking purpose and connection to our land.

Charmaine Cole belongs to both the Kanlyang and Koreng Noongar Nations of South West Australia. A Perth based visual and digital artist, researcher and photographer, she has completed two solo exhibitions for NAIDOC and has been showcased at Kaleidoscope Festival in Joondalup and Lightbox Laneway in the City of Vincent.

Steven Alyian is a musical composer, video artist, film-director, event organiser and activist. Steven hosts large scale public events that challenge political norms and encourage positive interaction with the natural environment. Blending the organic and technological, Steven has travelled the world creating artworks, performances and films that investigate the power of consciousness through creativity.


874 Albany Hwy

 “Time and Place”

by Seb Becker

#virtualexpeditions @virtualexpeditions

Virtual Expeditions is the creative outlet for Sebastian Becker, a VJ and installation artist that specialises in projection mapping and light artworks that encourage audiences to reimagine the world around them. “Time and Place”; the rich visual history of Victoria Park is being remembered, or was that a dream? The effect of time on a place and on a memory is explored using projection mapping and archival images from the Victoria Park area.

 Laneway - 869 Albany Hwy

 “The Box”

by Steve Berrick

Steve Berrick is an artist and creative coder. Founding member of the ololo art collective. His works are software driven experiences for interactive systems and performance; sometimes visual; sometimes aural; sometimes informative. He enjoys process, collaboration and presenting projects to audiences in galleries, theatres, museums and the street.


 906 Albany Hwy

 “Traffic Triggered Synthesizer”

by Bullet Train 4 Australia, presented in conjunction with the Vic Park Community Centre

Using a modified traffic counter provided by MetroCount, traffic on Albany Hwy will be generating a live audio/visual show, temporarily turning one of Perth’s major transit corridors in to an instrument. Bullet Train 4 Aus (Bt4a) are an experimental audio/visual outfit passionate about high speed rail. Due to a lack of such infrastructure, the team have taken to using public roads within their work. The shows are entirely improvised, harnessing rhythmic patterns found in the urban environment to form a dialogue with place.


Samuel Newman - Sound Design

Ben Aguero - Sound Design

Tom Rogers - Visual Artist

Mitchell Mackintosh - Software design/coding

Albany Hwy Vehicles - Performers





  • Saturday, 21 March 2020 | 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Albany Highway, East Victoria Park, 6101, View Map