5.2023.313.1 - 31 The Circus, Burswood

The Town has received an application for retrospective development approval for the premises currently operating as Three B’s Burswood Bar and Bistro.

By way of background, in 2003 the subject premises was granted development approval by the Town for use as a Restaurant.  In 2010, the Town supported an application to the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor (DRGL) for a Small Bar Liquor Licence which was subsequently issued by DRGL, notwithstanding the premises had development approval from the Town for use as a Restaurant not a Small Bar.  This was an error on the Town’s part.

To address the anomaly where the subject premises has development approval from the Town for use as a Restaurant but approval from DRGL for a Small Bar, the Town has requested the business operator to submit an application for retrospective development approval for a change of use from a Restaurant to a Small Bar which is an “Unlisted Use” under the Town’s Town Planning Scheme No. 1 (TPS 1).

No changes are proposed to the current business operations ie. approval is sought for the business to continue to operate in the same manner that it currently does.  The application for retrospective development approval is submitted to formalise the use of the land under TPS 1 and address the anomaly described above.

In accordance with Local Planning Policy 37 – “Community Consultation on Planning Proposals”, you are invited to comment on the following:

  • Land Use - The application is for a “Small Bar” land use which is not listed under Town Planning Scheme No. 1 (TPS1) for the Special Use Zone and is therefore classified as an “Unlisted Use”.


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Privacy and Personal Information

In making a submission on a development application, you provide Council with personal information. This information will be held by Council to enable us to contact you in the course of consideration of the application and to ensure completeness of our records in relation to the application. Submissions are not confidential. They form part of the development application and may be included in reports to Council/ JDAP, and may be made available for public viewing.

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Name: Laura Sabitzer

Job Title: Coordinator Urban Planning

Phone: 9311 8111

Email: lsabitzer@vicpark.wa.gov.au


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