Public Open Space Strategy

Public spaces are an integral component of a thriving town. They provide opportunities for residents and visitors to come together and build a sense of community, benefit health and wellbeing, drive economic growth, transform underutilised spaces, and provide character and diversity to a town.

Planning for public places in the Town of Victoria Park is guided by our Public Open Space Strategy, which recommends improvements to both our urban and green spaces, including parks, verges, roads and sidewalks. These spaces can all provide significant benefit to the community including provision of:

  • spaces for community interaction with the environment,
  • engagement with each other,
  • passive recreation areas,
  • respite points in urban situations,
  • attractive landscape for businesses, 
  • support of active sporting pursuits,
  • opportunities to protect and improve natural systems.

The recommendations of the Public Open Space Strategy are delivered through our Public Places Program. The Program guides the future design and use of the Town’s public spaces, ensuring improvements are undertaken in a strategic and prioritised manner. 

The Public Places Program is delivered through a series of sub programs aiming to improve the quality, accessibility to, and supply of public space in the Town.

Read the Public Open Space Strategy and learn about the sub programs below.

Public Open Space Strategy

Public Open Space Appendices

Public Places Program

Upcoming project and upgrades

Over the coming year, you might notice upgrades happening around your area. Keep an eye out for:

Recent upgrades

Some key public places that have been upgraded by the Town in the last few years are listed below.

Bidi Walk laneway upgrade

In 2019, the Town delivered its first Old Spaces, New Place project, transforming a laneway on Albany Highway from a deteriorated vehicle-centric laneway into a simple, modern space to cater for events and everyday use, with a focus on safety, flexibility and social interaction.

Read more here.

Etwell Street Local Centre Revitalisation

As the Town's second Old Spaces, New Places project, the Town has delivered the majority of the Etwell Street Revitalisation, which aims to transform the section of Etwell Street between Riverview Road and Northampton Street into a vibrant local hub connecting local businesses and the community.

Read more here.

Forward Reserve

The Town's first Better Parks project was completed in 2022 to upgrade Forward Reserve in Welshpool. The upgrade included playground and shade sail renewal, new paths, seating and irrigation, the removal of areas of turf replaced with native garden beds and hydro zoning, centralised turf replacement and a fence along Shepperton Road.

Read more here.

GO Edwards Park upgrade

In 2022, the Town recently completed landscape upgrades to GO Edwards Park in Burswood, a high quality parkland containing mature trees, open turf, playground and a rehabilitated wetland area.

Read more here.

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