Local Planning Strategy

Strategic urban planning at the Town of Victoria Park looks at how our Town will evolve into the future to meet our strategic goals and tackle the challenges of a growing community.

In 2021 the Town had 18,000 dwellings.  The State government’s infill dwelling targets required the Town to plan for an additional 17,000 new dwellings to reach a total of 35,000 dwellings by 2050.  In 2021, the Town had 38,300 residents and our population forecasts estimate we will have a population of around 53,000 people by 2041.

An effective strategic planning framework ensures our community can accommodate growth in a sustainable manner, providing for quality of life and remaining a dynamic and engaging place for everyone.

Strategic Planning at the Town is governed by our Local Planning Strategy, which provides the blueprint for the planning and development of neighbourhoods and commercial centres over the next 10-15 years. The Local Planning Strategy was endorsed by the WA Planning Commission in May 2022.

Vic Park Planning Program

The Local Planning Strategy is implemented through the Vic Park Planning Program, consisting of a series of key projects that will be carried out over the next 4-5 years – including the Town's Local Planning Scheme, Precinct Planning projects, Local Planning Policies, and Strategic Planning Studies.

The Town's new Social Infrastructure Strategy also plays an important role in strategic planning. Adopted in early 2022, the Social Infrastructure Strategy outlines how existing facilities and key strategic developments will ensure residents have access to social infrastructure that supports a range of activities.

The relationship between the Town's Strategic Community Plan, Local Planning Strategy and the Vic Park Planning Program is shown in the diagram below.

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