Dog Exercise Areas and Pet Etiquette 

In our Town, we take pride in providing spaces where our furry friends and their owners can enjoy the outdoors. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all parkgoers, we kindly request that you adhere to the following guidelines when bringing your dog to our beautiful reserves. 


Effective Control

When walking your dog in any of our reserves, it's essential to keep them under effective control. This means having your dog stay close to you and not allowing it to disrupt other people or animals. While your dog may be playful, it's crucial to remember that not everyone is comfortable around dogs, and some may prefer not to be approached. 

Dog Waste Bags

As a courtesy, we provide dog waste bags in designated areas throughout our parks. These bags are intended to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage correct waste disposal. While we do our best to keep these stations stocked, we recommend dog owners carry their waste bags, which are readily available at most supermarkets. We replenish the bags regularly. If bags are temporarily unavailable, it remains the responsibility of dog owners to act responsibly. 

If your dog excretes waste on the street, in a park or any other public place, it is the responsibility of the person walking the dog to remove and appropriately dispose of it promptly. Failing to do so may result in a $100 penalty. 

Dog Par Etiquette in Town of Victoria Park - Rangers

For any inquiries or to report issues, please contact 08 9311 811 or email

Dog Exercise Areas

For your convenience, we have pinpointed dog exercise areas on the map. These spaces are designed to provide ample room for your dogs to play and exercise freely. For more details about the facilities and locations available in each area, simply select the location on the map and visit the relevant park listing page. 

Dog Exercise Map

  1. Taylor Street Reserve - Taylor Street, Victoria Park
  2. Raphael Park - Bounded by Gloucester Street, Geddes Street, Washington Street and Armagh Street, Victoria Park
  3. Charles Paterson Park - Cnr Great Eastern Hwy and Craig Street, Victoria Park
  4. Read Park - Albany Highway, Victoria Park
  1. Harold Rossiter Park - Kent Street, East Victoria Park
  2. Fraser Park - Cnr Fraser Park Road and Balmoral Street, East Victoria Park
  3. Kent Street Reserve (John MacMillan Park) - Between Kent Street and Sussex Street, East Victoria Park
  4. Higgins Park - Bounded by Hill View Terrace, Creaton Street, Playfield Street and Devenish Street, East Victoria Park
  5. Forward Street Reserve - Cnr Swansea St East and Forward St, East Victoria Park
  6. John Bissett Park - Beatty Avenue, East Victoria Park
  7. Kate Street Reserve - Kate Street, East Victoria Park
  8. Edward Millen Park – Bounded by Baillie Avenue, Albany Highway and Hillview Terrace
  1. Houghton Reserve - Bounded by Hitchcock Street, Leyland Street and Boundary Road, Saint James
  1. Stiles Avenue Griffith Street Park—Cnr Stiles Avenue and Griffith's Street Burswood
  1. J A Lee Reserve—Bounded by Streatley Street, Goddard Street, Midgley Street and Gallipoli Street, Lathlain
  1. Koolbardi Park (Tom Wright Park) – Cnr Roberts Road and Planet Street, Lathlain
  2. Fletcher Park—Cnr Weston Street and Holden Street, Carlisle
  3. Parnham Park—Cnr Star Street and Oats Street, Carlisle
  4. Carlisle Reserve—Cnr Orrong Road and Cohn Street, Carlisle



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