Hub Developments

The Hub Developments sub-program covers all projects relating to the development and creation of new community hubs across Vic Park.

To learn more, see current hub developments below.

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Lathlain Zone 1 Football and Community Centre

The Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project (LPRP) is aimed at creating a world class sporting and community precinct in Lathlain.

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Macmillan Masterplan

The Macmillan Precinct Redevelopment project is a unique opportunity to build a vibrant and innovative hub for living, learning, culture, wellness, community and opportunities. 

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Higgins Park Masterplan

The Higgins Park Masterplan will enhance sporting use and passive recreation for all community members at the well-used reserve in East Victoria Park.

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Hub Investigations

The Hub Investigations sub-program takes a longer-term look at the Town's existing community hubs and considers whether they are properly equipped to meet the needs of the Town's growing population.

Hub Investigations implement the following recommendations in the Social Infrastructure Strategy:

  • Facilities to cater for Burswood Peninsula and Burswood South
  • Master planning for Aqualife and the Oats Street Precinct
  • Facilities to cater for longer-term growth at Curtin-Bentley.
  • Opportunities for facilities around the Carlisle Town Centre.

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