Fire Prevention

Bush fires can happen anywhere, even in suburban areas. It's important to understand the risks that affect you and your responsibilities to mitigate them:

  1. Reduce your fuel load - Grass fires can start easily, keep your grass height under 50mm.
  2. No backyard burning - Burn-offs are a fire and smoke hazard and are not permitted in the Town.
  3. Firebreaks on properties 2,000m2 and over - Maintain a 3m wide and 3m high firebreak.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings - Bush fires can also start in suburbs, such as in parks or reserves.
Fuel load and fire break compliance is a requirement from 1 November through to 30 April annually.

All Town landowners and occupiers must ensure their properties meet the requirements of the Town of Victoria Park Bush Fire Notice. These requirements, which fall under the Bush Fires Act 1954, can be read below, as well as on rates notices from the Town.

Requirements of Bush Fire Notice

Effective annually from 1 November through to 30 April

Read the notice

All residential, commercial and vacant land 2,000m2 or under

Remove inflammable matter from all of the lands, except living trees, shrubs, plants under cultivation and lawn, by means of rubbish removal, ploughing, cultivating or slashing to a height of no more than 50mm. Do not remove materials by burning off.

All residential, commercial and vacant land with an area of over 2,000m2

Firebreaks of a minimum width and height of three metres are to be cleared immediately inside all external boundaries of the land.

Firebreaks to a minimum width of three metres and height of three metres are to be cleared immediately surrounding all buildings situated on the land; and any place where inflammable liquids and gas products are kept. This includes the removal of rubbish and discarded materials by means other than burning off.

DFES – Stay Informed

More information

For more information, please visit the DFES page Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) - Bushfire

Or call 08 9311 8111 and ask for Rangers for further information in regard to any bushfire notice requirements.

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