Dog Attacks

It is an offence under Section 33D of the Dog Act 1976 for a dog to attack or chase a person or other animal whether injury is caused or not. Any alleged incidents should be reported to the Town of Victoria Park Rangers as soon as possible.

The owner or person responsible for the attacking dog at the time of the alleged incident may be held accountable and may receive fines or penalties.

It is important to report an alleged attack as soon as possible and provide the following information if known on 9311 8111 normal during business hours:

  • When the incident took place (date, day, time, etc.)
  • Where the incident took place (street name and number or nearest crossroad or landmark, name of park or reserve, etc.)
  • Dog owner or person responsible for the alleged attacking dog – if any of the following information is known:
    • name
    • address
    • phone number
    • vehicle registration number
    • description of person
  • Description of the dog (breed and gender if known, colour, was it wearing a collar or ID tag?)
  • Witnesses - Were there any witnesses? (Name and phone number if known)
  • Alleged event – a description of what happened.

To report an event out of hours, call the Town of Victoria Park at 9311 8111 and you will be diverted to the out-of-hours service.

If the matter is life threatening call emergency services immediately on 000.

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