Lodging Houses

A lodging house is defined under the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911 to mean "any building or structure, permanent or otherwise, and any part thereof, in which provision is made for lodging or boarding of more than six persons, exclusive of the family or the keeper thereof, for hire or reward”, but does not include: 

  • premises licensed under a publican's general license, limited hotel licence, or wayside-house licence, granted under the Liquor Control Act 1988. 
  • residential accommodation for students in a non-government school within the meaning of the School Education Act 1999. 
  • any building comprising residential flats. 

Common types of lodging houses are backpacker hostels and long term residential accommodation facilities.  

Lodging houses require approval under the Town's planning scheme as there is potential for impacts on parking, noise and general amenity to surrounding properties.  

In general terms, a lodging house should be constructed to ensure it is: 

  • Comfortable - provided with sufficient lighting and ventilation, complies with the approved maximum number of lodgers to prevent overcrowding. 
  • Provided with basic facilities such as a functional and well-maintained kitchen, bathrooms, laundry units, toilets, lounge, dining areas and hot and cold water. 
  • Safe and hygienic – provided with approved fire safety measures, emergency evacuation procedures are to be in place (i.e. hard-wired smoke detectors, illuminated exit signs and emergency evacuation procedures in each room), and ensure that the general state of cleanliness is aesthetically satisfactory. 

Lodging houses are registered by the Town and inspected regularly by Environmental Health Officers. To apply for registration you will need to submit the below Lodging House Registration Application form 

If food is to be provided as part of the service, the business also need to be registered under the Food Act 2008. Please refer to the Food Businesses page for further information. Where the lodging house is sold, the new owner will need to complete the below change of owner form 

To apply, please call Customer Service on (08) 9311 8111 and ask to speak to an Environmental Health Officer or email admin@vicpark.wa.gov.au. 

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