Community Benefits Strategy 

The Town of Victoria Park, along with project partners the West Coast Eagles, Waalitj Foundation, and Perth Football Club, has launched a jointly developed Community Benefits Strategy, which outlines an initial four programs to be delivered to the Town of Victoria Park community within five years.

The Community Benefit Strategy, born out of a partnership sparked by the West Coast Eagles' relocation to the Town, is designed to harness the strengths of each partner, focusing on delivering lifelong learning opportunities, empowering residents, enhancing local amenities, and fostering leadership and collaboration.

With a commitment to community well-being, four impactful programs will be rolled out in the first five years. Backed by the dedication of two full-time equivalent positions and 100 hours of annual West Coast Eagles player involvement, the Community Benefit Strategy is poised to transform the Town of Victoria Park into a thriving, inclusive community.

Community Benefits Strategy

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The First Four Programs

To be delivered each year over five years from 2019-2024:

Youth Engagement Program

Main delivery partner: Waalitj Foundation

The Youth Engagement Program will engage young people in constructive local activities and support parents with older children and adolescents.

The program will be available to all youth community members, creating an inclusive and safe environment, along with opportunities to increase cultural awareness and breakdown cultural barriers to inclusion.

The Waalitj Foundation has a long and successful history of delivering health and education programs for young people since 2005, including:

    • Wirra Club Wirra Kids
    • Wirra Sports
    • Deadly Sista Girlz
    • Deadly Brotha Boyz
  • Weekly educational and aspirational program for youth aged 12-18
  • Access to role models, promoting physical activity, health education and self-development
  • Programs are to run during the school term and school holidays
  • Local youth will be engaged for input into the design of the program to ensure it meets their interests
  • Create working relationships with local community and organisations to target diverse range of youth participants

Healthy Relationship Awareness

Main delivery partner: West Coast Eagles

Healthy relationships, including domestic violence awareness and prevention, is a focus area that has deservedly received increased attention from the community, not for profit agencies and government as a priority to address.

Domestic violence is a complex issue that is still the subject of ongoing research, which is striving to identify the best method to reduce its incidence and impact on the community and prevent further violence from occurring. Awareness and advocacy are two strategies that have proved to be effective at reducing the harm domestic violence causes on the community.

Sport is critical for raising awareness about the importance of respectful relationships and the prevention of violence against women, men and children. This project utilises the positive influence of sport to embed messages reinforcing respect and equality across the Town of Victoria Park’s sport and recreation clubs.

  • Establish contacts and working relationship with key local stakeholders, including local clubs and community groups
  • Develop awareness video including
  • West Coast Eagles and Wirrpanda Foundation ambassadors and local club representatives
  • West Coast Eagles to join the local ‘Healthy Relationships Strategy Group (South East Metro)’ professional network
  • Develop (in conjunction with agencies) and promote club and community groups ‘Healthy Relationships’ support program tools
  • Provide ‘Healthy Relationships’ education and follow up to local clubs and
    community groups

Supporting Local Community Organisations

Main delivery partner: West Coast Eagles

The purpose of this project is to support four community not-for-profit or community group organisations over the first five years.

The West Coast Eagles Football Club is arguably one of the most successful and recognisable sporting clubs in Western Australia with over 80,000 members and a social media following of more than 300,000 Facebook fans and supporters.

  • Establish the number of not-for-profits and local community groups within the Town of Victoria Park
  • Selection process for support developed
  • Application process promoted
  • Create working relationships and tailor support to the selected not-for-profits/community groups needs
  • Local community organisations support and assistance provided

Recreational Groups & Sports Club Development

Main delivery partner: West Coast Eagles

Grassroots sport and recreation groups contribute to individual and community social health and well-being. Most clubs are run by volunteers, who may benefit from assistance with strategic planning, governance structures, constitutions, long-term planning and other related club management issues. There is an identified need to provide ‘club development’ support to ensure sustainable and well managed grassroots clubs.

The West Coast Eagles Football Club in partnership with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, through the Club Development Program will provide additional support and advice to local sporting clubs who make a significant contribution to individual and community social health and well-being.

  • Establish the number of recreational groups and sporting clubs in the Town of Victoria Park
  • Establish contacts and working relationships
  • Survey local clubs and recreational groups to determine areas of support which are sought after
  • Determine and deliver Recreational Groups and Sports Club Development support program

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