Community Outreach Service

RooForce Facility Services is an Aboriginal-owned business that has been engaged to provide a community outreach service for the Town and work in partnership with us to create a safe and dynamic Vic Park. 

The team will be patrolling our suburbs between 12-16 hours per week. A specific focus will be placed on the John Macmillan precinct, which has been identified as an area of concern for our community through reports, surveys, and as part of the development of our Safer Neighbourhoods Plan 2022-2027.

RooForce's primary focus is to engage with members of the community who may be vulnerable or experiencing challenges, such as homelessness, and provide them with assistance and referral information to appropriate services. The team also aims to help build respectful and meaningful relationships within our community.


How can I request RooForce to patrol a specific location?

Community members who wish to request RooForce's services in a specific public area or to assist a specific person can contact the Town at 9311 8111. For urgent matters relating to community safety, please call the appropriate emergency service on 000.

Here is a link to their website:

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