Residential / transitional parking permits

The Town provides parking permits to residents in accordance with the Parking Permit Policy and parking local law.  

 Two types of permits can be issued: following assessment against the criteria:  

  1. Residential permit* - provides residents who have limited onsite parking with an exemption to access parking near their properties that have sign-posted restrictions.
  2. Transitional permit - provides residents up to 12 months to make alternative arrangements if there is inadequate onsite parking when restrictions adjacent to their property have recently changed.
Residential Permit Transitional Permit
Application Fee $30 $30
Replacement Fee $30 $30
  • Before applying for a permit, please check your eligibility below as the application fee is non-refundable. The application fee covers an assessment from the Town's planning team to determine whether a residential property complies or not with the on-site parking requirements of the State Planning Policy 7.3 Residential Design Codes (R Codes) and includes the processing of the application, regardless of the outcome.
  • For older houses; an additional fee of $75 might be required to recall archive files for the residential property to be properly assessed.
  • Payments can be made by phone at 08 9311 8111 or in person at the Town of Victoria Park administration centre after you receive a confirmation email from the Parking department.  
  • You will have to submit vehicle registration paperwork that supports your residential address and confirm that the vehicle is registered in your name. Should your vehicle registration not show your current residential address you will need to change this with the Department of Transport as soon as possible before submitting your application.

The Town’s parking permit policy does not currently include visitor parking permits. This means if you are eligible for either a residential or transitional permit these permits are issued to your vehicle only. 

Parking Permit Policy 351

For Residential Parking Permit: A maximum of three vehicles can be registered and listed on a permit. However, only one vehicle at any time can display and utilise this permit.

Credit Card Payment Surcharge - When processing your credit card payments, the Town is charged significant merchant fees by the banks. To recover a portion of the merchant fees on credit card payments, Town levies a small surcharge of 1% to our customers.

Online applications

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Applicant declaration

I agree to be bound by the terms of this application, relevant legislation and the conditions as may be endorsed upon the permit(s) which may be on issue as a result of this application. I further agree to so bind in turn any other user of any such permit(s).

I also agree to permit an employee of the Town authorised by the Town for the purpose, to inspect the residence at any time reasonably necessary to assess this application or the continued issue of any permit(s) pursuant to this application, and I have the lawful authority to grant that permission.


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Does my house comply with R-codes?

The R-Codes require dwellings to provide on-site car parking. In some instances, old dwellings were built without car parking on site. As a base, dwellings with more than one bedroom require two-car parking bays. This can be reduced where:

  • The dwelling has a single bedroom.
  • The dwelling is located within 800m of a train station.
  • The dwelling is located within 250m of a high-frequency bus route.
  • The dwelling is approved as an aged persons’ dwelling.
  • The dwelling is an ancillary dwelling (granny flat).

I am a resident with no parking within my property and there are now new parking restrictions near my house. Am I eligible for a residential parking permit?

Yes, you may be eligible for a maximum of one residential parking permit.

I am a resident with less than two parking spaces on my property and there have been recent changes in parking restrictions, Am I eligible for a parking permit?

Yes, you may be eligible for a maximum of three transitional parking permits.

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