Social Infrastructure Strategy

Social infrastructure refers to the suite of community facilities that provide social, leisure, recreational and cultural benefits for the community. Social infrastructure plays an important role in our personal wellbeing and opportunities for participation in the community.

Social infrastructure includes Town facilities, spaces, programs, services and networks that maintain and improve the quality of life for our community and play a key role in encouraging people to live in or visit an area.

The Town adopted a new strategy in 2022 to guide future planning for social infrastructure owned or managed by the Town. The objectives of the strategy are:

  • To provide accessible and equitable opportunities for all residents.
  • To maximise the use and capacity of existing facilities.
  • To locate facilities in multi-functional hubs.
  • To ensure investment decisions are evidenced based and financially viable within funding parameters.

The strategy is available to read in full below.

Social Infrastructure Strategy

Social Infrastructure Program

The Social Infrastructure Strategy works together with our Public Open Space Strategy (outdoor recreational areas), our Arts and Culture Plan (creative spaces) and our Asset Management Plans (building maintenance and renewal).

The recommendations of the strategy are delivered through the social infrastructure program of work, which ensures the development and redevelopment of our community facilities is undertaken in a strategic and prioritised manner.

Progress of the strategy recommendations will be subject to the availability of resources including funding through the annual budgeting processes.

The Social Infrastructure Program is made up of three key sub-programs of work. To learn about these, check out the links below.

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