May to September every year!

Leafy Streets is an annual tree planting initiative run under the Town’s Urban Forest Program which sees trees planted on residential verges to further increase our Town's canopy. 

Street trees play an important role in not only achieving our Urban Forest goal of 20% canopy cover, but also to:

  • Increase tree diversity, contributing better ecology for our living environment
  • Beautifying our neighbourhood
  • Increasing the value of our suburbs
  • Improving our urban health
  • Making it a more pleasant experience to walk to and from home to work, public transport, parks or nearby Victoria Park shopping, dining or entertainment precinct. 
  • Increase cooling and decrease the urban heat island effect. 

Leafy Streets is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation’s Waterwise Greening Scheme and forms part of our ambition for Vic Park to be a leading waterwise community.

Select a tree species for your verge 

Property owners selected as part of the 2024 Leafy Streets program can choose from a list of trees for their verge.

To view the trees species you can select from, please refer to the Vic Park Leafy Streets Tree Planting Program letter sent to the property owner. 

For further information on the tree species the Town is planting this season, check out the booklet below. 

Tree Selection Guide 2024

To submit your top three tree species preference, please complete the below online form. If a tree selection is not received by the Town, the team will make the selection for you.

Tree Species Selection Form

How Leafy Streets operate

Similar to the Town’s request a street tree, the Vic Park Leafy Streets initiative will see the planting of selected species of trees in suitably identified street verges around the Town’s suburbs. 

The tree species list is put together by the Town’s horticulturists and landscape architects, assessing a range of factors including the size of the street and space available for planting considering other infrastructure, maintaining existing street character, and ensuring diversity across our urban forest.

The initiative is delivered in the following manner:

  1. Together the UFS Implementation Working Group, and the Town’s Urban Forest Place Leader identify focus areas for street tree planting.
  2. The proposed locations will then be assessed by the Parks Technical Officer and Urban Forest Place Leader, selecting appropriate tree species and locations for planting.
  3. A letter is sent to property owners adjacent to the planting site, informing them of the tree planting and providing a list of tree species to select from. If a tree selection is not received by the Town, the team will make the selection.
  4. Street trees are planted between May and September every year. 

You can find a map of 2024 street tree planting locations here.

Have any questions or concerns about tree planting?

Refer to the 'Frequently Asked Questions' below for information you might find helpful. For any other concerns, the following process can be taken:  

  • Read Town's Policy 255 Tree Management. This policy outlines the management of trees on public property by the Town. 
  • Submit your questions or concerns by completing the below online form. 
  • Your query will be reviewed by the Parks Technical Officer, with written feedback provided and sent to the resident. 
  • Should there be any concerns with the location of the tree, no tree planting will occur whilst concerns are in discussion.

Enquires and concerns form

How you can help

The collective benefits of our Urban Forest is dependent on all of us playing many small parts to make a big difference in creating an environment for our trees to thrive, i.e. supplementary watering by residents and reporting damage or maintenance requirements to the Town. 

You can request the verge adjacent to your property be included in the Vic Park Leafy Streets Program or get involved in other ways with the Urban Forest program there are many options available to suit all levels of commitment. 

Why street trees are important

Frequently asked questions

About leafy streets

Why are trees being planted on our street verges?

The community, along with the Town, are working together to deliver the Urban Forest Strategy to improve environmental health and manage the heat island effect. Tree planting is critical in supporting the health of our environment and the liveability of our streets into the future, providing shaded avenues when walking and riding in our Town, and increasing and supporting biodiversity.

For more information visit our Urban Forest Strategy page.

When is my street tree going to be planted?

Tree planting generally runs from May through to September each year. With close to 1000 trees planted annually, we are unable to give an exact date when your street tree will be planted.

Street tree requests need to be submitted by the end of January for a tree to be planted in the same year. 

What are my rights regarding trees on my verge?

Verges are Crown land, which is managed by the Town. The Town prefers residents don’t plant trees on verges as considerations need to be made regarding underground services, tree locations and species selection.

Refer to Policy 255 Tree Management.

How to care for our Urban Forest

The Town's Urban Forest program, delivered in collaboration with our community, has achieved many positive environmental, social, and health benefits. We've seen trees and shrubs planted in public green spaces, in sump lands turned into micro parks, on streetscapes, and in home gardens through our various #GreeningVicPark programs. 

Once a tree, plant or shrub has been planted, it also needs protection and maintenance for the first couple of years, including regular watering, litter clearance, weeding and checking for physical damage. All plants, trees, and shrubs planted by the Town are maintained regularly by our team throughout the year. 

However, as you can imagine, with the amount of trees and green spaces around the Town, we might not be able to ensure every plant is as protected as we'd like. So, we would love the help of our community to care for our urban forest! 

The Town undertakes an annual tree planting program during the winter months or until appropriate soil moisture conditions as a result of rainfall has been achieved. Suitable planting locations will be selected by the Town for the program in accordance with the Urban Forest Strategy. In addition, private property owners can request the verge adjacent their property be listed for consideration within the Annual Tree Planting Program. The Town will provide and plant, at no charge, one or more street trees on the road verge.

The Town will maintain all new street trees following planting. This will include summer watering during establishment, staking, professional pruning and the application of mulch, fertiliser and wetting agent. We would also love your help to make sure our street trees grow healthy and strong, reaching their full canopy cover and providing us with shade and many other benefits. Here are some easy ways you can help care for a Vic Park street tree:

  • Help us water during the summer months (November to May) - 30-50 litres per week can make a big difference. 
  • Weed naturally - did you know, weeds can reduce a plant's growth rate by up to 70% compared to weed free sites and can decrease survival to as little as 10%? If you spot some weeds around your street tree, give it some love by hand-weeding (avoid chemical weed killers). 
  • Contact us to have a street tree pruned - the Town has a planned approach to street tree pruning, as it needs to be undertaken by qualified arborists to ensure the long-term survival of the trees. Programmed pruning includes lifting the canopies to enable pedestrian movement and to allow clear sight lines for road users. If you see a street tree in need of a prune, contact us here

Tree species selection, care and maintenance

Can I select the tree species?

Residents have the option of selecting the tree species. Tree selections are made from the Town’s tree species list allocated to your street and verge. These lists are prepared by the Town’s horticulturists and landscape architects, assessing a range of factors including the size of the street and space available for planting considering other infrastructure, maintaining existing street character, and ensuring diversity across our urban forest.

A list of species to select from will be supplied in the letter provided to homeowners scheduled to receive a tree as part of this year's program. Letters will arrive prior to the start of planting season.

Who is going to care for the tree?

Young trees are managed by the Town's contractor for the first three years after planting (watering, staking, tying, pruning and fertilising), then they are moved to an annual maintenance regime managed by the Town.

How can I help care for newly planted street trees?

As the summers can be so hot and dry, we supply each resident with a bucket and sachets of wetting agent and fertiliser granules when the tree has been planted.

If you are able to supply supplementary watering, a bucket of water can be applied to the base of the tree once a week from September to May. Apply fertiliser in October and the wetting agent granules in November to the base of the tree, ensuring they are watered in well once applied.

Your support in helping grow our Urban Forest is greatly appreciated.

Any further questions check out the Urban Forest Knowledge Hub.

Can I prune my tree?

No, please contact the Town if any pruning or other work is required on the tree.

To request pruning or other works to your tree, complete the Verges and street trees service request form.

My tree has died, can I get a replacement?

Yes, the Town endeavours to replace any tree that has died in the next appropriate planting season. Generally, replacement trees will be same species as the one removed.

To inform the Town of a dead tree complete the Verges and street trees service request form. A replacement tree is then added to the next season's planting list by Town staff. 

How are street trees selections made?

Our team of qualified Horticulturists and Landscape Architects review all tree planting and select species that are appropriate to the location.

Tree locations

Can I choose where the tree/s are located on the verge adjacent to my address?

This matter can be discussed with the Town of Victoria Park.

Trees are located on the following principles:

  1. Tree location 1.5m minimum from an existing crossover
  2. 6m from an existing lighting or power pole
  3. 8m from an existing tree
  4. Generally halfway between the property boundary and the kerb
  5. Consideration of existing services, power, telecom or water service infrastructure located within the verge (power dome etc.)
  6. Road safety sight lines and clearance

The number of trees planted in a verge can vary depending on the above factors.


Can the tree be located so I can still park on the verge?

The Town is willing to work with residents to locate trees so parking on the verge is maintained where possible. However, if both are unable to be accommodated, tree planting will take priority over parking. 

Verge Irrigation

I have irrigation installed on the verge, how will this be impacted?

We advise you to test your irrigation system following tree planting to identify possible damage.

Should there be any damage caused by tree planting, please contact the Town as soon as possible for the contractor to return and repair the damage.

To report damage complete the Verges and street trees service request form.

Tree planting locations can be found here Tree Planting Map.

Home security cameras

What if the new tree obscures my CCTV surveillance and security?

Street trees are planted on the verge adjacent to driveways and crossovers, obstruction to surveillance on private property will be minimal.

Pending developments

I am in the process of developing my property or I have a new crossover planned as part of the application. Can I request to postpone the planting?

Yes, please let us know and we will reschedule the tree planting once development has been completed. This is applicable to Development Applications lodged with the Town by the commencement of the planting season.

Tell us about your pending development by completing this form Leafy streets enquires and concerns.

Health concerns

I am allergic to some tree species, can I select a different tree?

Yes, if an appropriate species is not listed in the species selection page, please contact the Town in writing, including a letter from your medical professional confirming the allergy and we will find a suitable alternative.

Tell us about your health concern by completing Leafy streets enquires and concerns form and upload medical evidence. 

Solar panels

I have a solar panel on the roof, I am concerned the tree will shade them. Can I select a different tree species or have the tree located elsewhere?

The Town is happy to work with residents to locate trees along the verge to minimise impact on solar and consider a different species where possible.

Tell us about your solar panel concerns by completing this form  Leafy streets enquires and concerns.


I have new lawn on my verge that I maintain to a high standard.

The lawn will be neatly cut out where the tree is installed and a tree well fitted.

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