Related strategic programs

The following Town projects, programs and initiatives contribute to achieving our transport vision.

Vic Park Planning Program

The Town is undertaking a major overhaul of its planning framework, including a new Local Planning Strategy, new Local Planning Scheme and a range of Precinct Structure Plans. These changes to the planning framework will directly impact our transport network. Visit our Strategic Planning hub to find out more.

Urban Forest Strategy Program

The Urban Forest Program delivers the Town’s street tree planting and bus stop greening sub-programs that positively contribute to our transport network. You can read more on the programs at the below links:

Leafy Streets

Bus Stop Thank You Gardens

Public Spaces Program

The Public Spaces Program outlines the Town’s approach to improving the quality, accessibility to, and supply of public open space in the Town.

Included in the Public Spaces Program is the Old Spaces, New Places sub-program that aims revitalise a number of forgotten spaces around the Town for greater community use and benefit.

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