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Grow your business and protect its long-term viability by operating in a way that considers your environmental and social impact.  

Responsible cafes

The Town of Victoria Park, in partnership with Switch Your Thinking, Responsible Cafes and Keep Australia Beautiful WA, are calling on cafes to offer a discount to customers that bring their own cup. 

How do I get involved? 

Visit the Responsible Cafes website and sign up below. 

Responsible Cafes 

What do I get? 

There are many great reasons to join. Participating cafes receive: 

  • Promotion on the Responsible Cafes website, including a spot on their national map on participating cafes. 
  • Access to a community of responsible cafes. 
  • Helpful tips on other sustainable practices your cafe can look at adopting. 
  • Posters that can put up to educate customers about the issue. 
  • Promotion on social media. 
  • A batch of Switch Your Thinking keep cups that can be distributed to customers. 

    How can I encourage my customers to bring their own reusable cups? 

    We've found that the best incentive is to make sure your customers are aware of the discount that you're offering. Having your Responsible Cafes poster visible at the point of ordering is a great way to get the conversation going. 

    It also helps if your customers understand why you're being kind enough to offer the discount - you can get them to read the Responsible Cafes poster, engage with them about being an awesome part of the solution for reducing the amount of single-use takeaway cups that get wasted each year, or tell them to have a look at the Responsible Cafes website. 

     You could also: 

    • Sell reusable cups in store and give the first coffee for free. 
    • Have one day each month where you double the discount. 
    • Have a referral system where customers get a free or discounted coffee when they get a friend to buy a reusable cup from you. 

    Rewards for Business Program

    The Rewards for Business Program supports you to make your business more sustainable by providing discounts and rebates on products that will help you reduce your waste and reduce energy and water use. 

    Businesses can access rebates on a range of sustainable products from our Switch Your Thinking program partners. 

    The reward scheme is easy to take advantage of, just follow these three easy steps:  

    1. Phone the supplier directly.
    2. Mention the Switch Your Thinking rewards scheme. 
    3. Organise for a no obligation quotation from a customer service representative. 

    For more information on how to make your business more energy and water efficient, click the below link.  

    Rewards for Business Program  

    Switched on Business Award Program

    Switch your thinking developed the Switched on Business Award to celebrate and recognise local businesses who are changing their practices to be more environmentally friendly or kicking their sustainability goals. 

    Councillors, local government employees and the public are invited to nominate a local business that has changed their practices to reduce their environmental footprint. Examples include: 

    • Returning waste for recycling or upcycling 
    • Choosing reusable products over disposable 
    • Cutting kitchen waste 
    • Saving electricity 
    • Switching to renewables 
    • Reducing water use 
    • Implementing innovating sustainability solutions or concepts 
    • Other sustainable practices 

        The award is administered by Switch your thinking and only available to businesses in Switch your thinking Local Council members area. 


        Switched on Business is awarded up to four times each year. Nominations remain open year round. Read the terms and conditions for more information. 

        Applicants need to include the name of the business, what the business does and 10 dot points about the environmental sustainability actions. Businesses need to focus on what has already achieved from climate change lens. 


        Winners receive the title of Switched on Business and are recognised on the Switch Your Thinking website, Facebook page and enews. A certificate will also be presented by a representative from your local council and SEREG Group at an official event. 

        To find out more about the program: 

        Visit Switch Your Thinking website

        Contact Switch Your Thinking


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