Local Planning Scheme

The Town Planning Scheme is the primary statutory document of the local planning framework. It describes the zoning of land within the Town and specifies where particular land uses are permitted. It also sets out development standards for the development and use of land.


The current version of the Scheme Text, including any approved amendments, can be viewed on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) website. The Scheme text contains the Zoning Table and land use definitions, amongst other clauses.

Town Planning Scheme No.1 Scheme Text - DPLH website

The scheme text should be read in conjunction with Schedule 2 'Deemed provisions for local planning schemes' of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, which are automatically incorporated into the Town Planning Scheme No. 1 scheme text (although they do not appear in the scheme text). For ease of reference a working version of the scheme text, including reference to the applicable Schedule 2 'Deemed provisions for local planning schemes', is available for viewing below.

Town Planning Scheme No.1 Text - Working Version

The local government area is covered by the scheme and is split up into 13 precincts. A series of precinct plans have been prepared that describe the Council's town planning intentions and guidelines for the development and use of land within each precinct according to the particular zone or reserve that the land is located within.

Precinct 1 - Burswood Peninsula

Precinct 2 - Burswood Precinct

Precinct 3 - Causeway

Precinct 4 - McCallum

Precinct 5 - Raphael

Precinct 6 - Victoria Park

Precinct 7 - Lathlain

Precinct 8 - Carlisle

Precinct 9 - Welshpool

Precinct 10 - Shepperton

Precinct 10 - Shepperton - Special Use Zone

Precinct 11 - Albany Highway

Precinct 12 - East Victoria Park

Precinct 13 - Curtin

To search which Precinct Plan is applicable to a property, please refer to the 'Town Planning Scheme' or 'Property Planning Enquiry' modules on the Town's online mapping system below (Intramaps). 

Open IntraMaps Now 

The Town has prepared a new draft Local Planning Scheme to guide development of the Town's growing and diverse community.

Local Planning Scheme No. 2 will replace the existing Town Planning Scheme No. 1 to become the primary statutory document of the Town’s planning framework and shape how land within the Town is developed in the future.

The proposed new Scheme is based on the recommendations of the Town’s Local Planning Strategy 2022 and the requirements of the State Government’s statutory and strategic planning framework. 

Following endorsement by Council (August 2022) and the Western Australian Planning Commission (April 2023), the Town is now inviting community feedback on the draft Scheme from 4 May 2023 until 4 August 2023. 

For more information on the Scheme No.2 process, to make a submission or to register for project updates, visit Your Thoughts below or contact Jack Hobbs or Tracy McQue on 9311 8111 or email Scheme2@vicpark.wa.gov.au

Draft Local Planning Scheme No.2 - Your Thoughts consultation


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