Financial Support for Young People

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Total funding value: $2,500

The Town's donation program enables young people residing in the Town to make a positive contribution to their sporting and recreation, academic or personal development. 

Applications for funding can be made all year round pending annual budget approval or until all funds have been expended. There are two youth donation categories:

Youth Leadership & Development  Donations

To support individuals aged between 12-25 years who live in the Town and have been nominated to undertake a youth leadership or development course delivered by a recognised organisation for personal and/or professional development.

Applicants must demonstrate a letter of offer to undertake the personal or professional development.

Donations for youth leadership and development are limited to $300 per individual or $500 per group at no more than 50% of the total event cost.

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Youth National & International Sports Donations 

To support residents who reside within the Town aged between 12-25 years to participate within their sporting discipline at a national or international level.

Applicants must produce a letter of selection from their state sporting association or national body.

Donations for sporting activities are limited to a maximum of $200 per individual travelling interstate per annum, or $300 per individual travelling internationally per financial year. 

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Applicants will be ineligible for a donation where the applicant:

  • has already received a donation within the same financial year. 
  • has an outstanding debt with the Town. 
  • has failed to submit a satisfactory acquittal for a previous donation or grant. 
  • has submitted the application retrospectively. 
  • is a Town employee or an Elected Member or an immediate family member. 

Policy 114 Community funding

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