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Now in its fifth year, the Vic Park Business Awards celebrates the achievements of businesses in the Town and the contributions they have made to the local community. Recognising those that have excelled in a variety of categories, the Awards are also an opportunity for the community to show their appreciation for businesses that add vibrancy and unique offerings, making Vic Park a truly dynamic place to live, work and play.

2023 Vic Park Business Award Key dates

  • Monday 24 July - Applications open
  • Monday 18 September - Applications closed
  • Wednesday 20 September - Tickets on sale
  • Wednesday 20 September - People's Choice voting opens
  • Monday 16 October - People's Choice voting closes
  • Friday 3 November - Business Awards Gala

Buy tickets for Business Awards Gala

Not just a good time for business folks – anyone can come along, raise a glass for the winners, and celebrate all the businesses that make the Town a great place to live, work and play. 

Friday 3 November from 6.30pm

Optus Stadium, Victory Lounge

Tickets are $90 include drinks, dinner, and entertainment

Tables are also available for purchase

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Voting for the Victoria Park Rotary Club People's Choice Award closes 16 October 2023!

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2023 Application Information

Applications for the 2023 Business Awards have now closed.

Business of the Year, sponsored by Perth Legal Collective

Celebrating a business that has excelled in the past year, demonstrating outstanding leadership, innovative thinking and that has contributed to the Vic Park community.

Excellence in Innovation, sponsored by Holyoake

This award recognises businesses who have innovated or adapted to market changes, adopting new types of business models or technology to deliver quality products or services.

Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality, sponsored by Archer St Physiotherapy Centre

Awarded to a business in the tourism and hospitality industries that has made an overall contribution to both the local and/or wider tourism industry.

Excellence in Access and Inclusion, sponsored by Maxima Training Group

A celebration of a business which has been inclusive in their employment practices and/or has focused on making their business accessible to all individuals.

Excellence in Marketing, sponsored by Total Digital Solutions

Recognising a local business with demonstrated excellence in marketing through an innovative or unique campaign or marketing plan. (Please note, this award is not open to marketing professionals).

Community Connection Award, sponsored by SwanCare

Presented to a business which is community minded and has contributed to the community to benefit others.

Best New Business, sponsored by PDC Health Hub

Presented to a successful business that has opened up in the last 18 months.

People’s Choice, sponsored by Rotary Club of Victoria Park

The winner of this award is voted for by the Vic Park community. All businesses who submit an application will be in the running for the People’s Choice Award.

Excellence in Professional Service, sponsored by Triumph ERP Software

This category is open to organisations that deliver exceptional professional services and business development. It is open to service providers in all sectors, for example health, financial, property, legal, engineering, planning, creative, surveying, events, learning etc.

Application process

  1. Read this application information very carefully as it includes important information about the judging process, eligibility and award categories. You can also download this information in the 2023 Business Awards Application Pack
  2. To apply for an award, fill out the online application form below or visit the Town of Victoria Park administration building for a hard copy. 
    Town of Victoria Park
    Administration Building
    99 Shepperton Road,
    Victoria Park 6100
  3. All businesses who submit an application form for an award are automatically eligible for the Business of the Year Award. The application graded with the highest weighted score by Judges will be awarded Business of the Year, so if you would like to participate in this category, make sure you fill out a form for any of the other award categories.
  4. When filling out the form, make sure you answer all questions and stick to the word count. To apply for multiple awards, fill out and submit separate forms.
  5. Make sure to submit a high-resolution copy of your business logo with your application.
  6. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email.
  7. All applications will be judged by a panel, with finalists announced in the lead up to the Business Awards Ceremony.
  8. The winner of each category will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Benefits of entering

By entering the Vic Park Business Awards, you get the opportunity to:

  • Gain recognition for your achievements at a local level.
  • Showcase your business to the wider community, raising its profile
    and reputation.
  • Promote yourself as a business leader if you are an award winner.

Eligibility and conditions of entry

  • Businesses applying for an award must be located within the Town of Victoria Park local government area.
  • Businesses applying for an award must have been in operation for longer than 6 months.
  • Businesses applying for an award must be registered with the ATO as a business and hold a current ABN. Not-for-profits are not eligible to apply.
  • For Hall of Fame, the nominated business must have operated the business within the Town of Victoria Park for 15 years or more.
  • Awards presented will be to the business or person named on the application form.
  • No alterations to applications will be permitted after the date of submission, although submissions may be withdrawn prior to the announcement of the winners.
  • Your privacy is protected and all entries are regarded as confidential.
  • Entries must be submitted through the online form below or handed into the Town of Victoria Park administration building. All required questions must be answered and be of the correct word limit to be eligible.
  • Finalists may be announced prior to the Business Awards Ceremony. Winners will be announced on the night.
  • The judging panel reserves the right to ask further questions of applicants or businesses if details need to be clarified.
  • Businesses that have applied or won an award category for three (3) consecutive years will be ineligible to enter that category for a 2-year period. They are however, eligible to enter a different category or categories.
  • Applicants must not lobby, seek to influence or canvass the decision-making of elected members, employees or judges in relation to their applications.

Assessment criteria and weightings

Application question assessment criteria Question weighting
1. Did the business provide a general overview of what they do, including a brief history and summary of their current operations? 10%
2. Did the business describe their products and/or services (including considering what makes their business unique and sets them apart from their competitors)? 15%
3. Did the business provide an overview of their financial performance over the past 12 months, including how they monitor performance? Businesses that have been open for shorter than 12 months should demonstrate how the financial performance of their business has grown since they opened. 15%
4. Did the business describe their goals for the next 2 years? Did they include details of their business plan or strategic plan (businesses were asked to supply this if they had it), and how they plan to achieve these goals? 20%
5. Did the business describe their target customer, how they market to them and how they measure the effectiveness of these activities? 10%
Category question. Did the business provide details that answered their chosen category question? 30%

Judging process

  • All submitted applications will be judged by a panel of experts.
  • Each entry is judged individually by each panel member. Each entry will be given a weighted score, with each judge's score being added together to give an overall score for the application.
  • Judging will happen through an online portal. A follow up meeting will be had with the judging panel to finalise the winners.
  • A commendation may be awarded for an award category where the difference between the top two weighted scores is 0.1 or less.
  • Judges reserve the right to award joint winners or no winners of a category.
  • Finalists may be announced once judging is complete. Winners will be announced on the night of the awards ceremony.
  • The entry with the greatest weighted score will be awarded Business of the Year.

Application tips

  • Answer the question - read the questions carefully and ensure your answers are direct and clear
  • Consult the assessment criteria at the end of this pack
  • Demonstrate a clear business plan and strategic direction
  • Demonstrate measurable goals and outcomes
  • Demonstrate passion and care for your local community
  • Demonstrate knowledge of your target market and industry


If I win an award, do I have to be in attendance at the ceremony to accept it?

No. If you win, you don’t have to be at the awards ceremony to accept the award. However, given there is likely to be a photographer and media at the event, we strongly suggest that you attend to maximise the media coverage for your business.

What kind of information do I need to put in my answers?

Entries will be judged based on the quality of your answers. If the question has more than one part to it, try to answer all the parts. Use specific examples to substantiate your answer if possible.

The 2023 Vic Park Business Awards are proudly supported by

Vic Park Business Award Winners


Business of the Year

Archer St Physiotherapy

Best New Business

Nido Early School

Excellence in Marketing

BOLT Health and Fitness

Community Connection Award

Archer St Physiotherapy

Excellence in Access and Inclusion

Crown Perth - CROWNability program

Digital Innovation Award

Triumph Business Systems

Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality

Sage Café

People’s Choice

Stanco Brass Hardware


Business of the Year Award, sponsored by 360 Degree Recruitment

Archer St Physiotherapy Centre

Best New Business Award, sponsored by Liberty

Next Practice GP

Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality, sponsored by Archer St Physiotherapy Centre

Social Manna

Community Connection Award, sponsored by Hawaiian

Archer St Physiotherapy Centre

Digital Innovation Award, sponsored by Park Dental Centre

Galactic Co-operative

Excellence in Marketing Award, sponsored by Acton Victoria Park

Archer St Physiotherapy Centre

Excellence in Access and Inclusion Award, sponsored by PeopleSmart

Archer St Physiotherapy Centre

People’s Choice Award, sponsored by Baston and Co. Property

Social Manna


Business of the Year Award, sponsored by ACTON Victoria Park


Best New Business Award, sponsored by Archer Street Physiotherapy Centre

St James Supply Co.

Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality, sponsored by NAJA Business Consulting Services 

Social Manna 

Community Connection Award, sponsored by Empire Estate Agents 

Urban Revolution Australia 

Digital Innovation Award, sponsored by Galactic Cooperative 

No nominations received 

Excellence in Marketing Award, sponsored by Sedap Place 

Archer St Physiotherapy Centre  

Excellence in Access and Inclusion Award, sponsored by Triumph ERP Software 

Archer St Physiotherapy Centre 

Resilience Award, sponsored by Charlesworth Ballet Institute 

Social Manna 

People’s Choice Award, sponsored by BOLT Fitness 

Social Manna 


Business of the Year

Up Close and Local Tours

Best New Business, sponsored by Triumph ERP Software

Kings Gymnastics Pty Ltd

Excellence in Marketing, sponsored by Cohesion Co

Archer St Physiotherapy Centre

Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality, sponsored by Archer Street Physiotherapy Centre

Up Close and Local Tours

Excellence in Access and Inclusion, Sponsored by West Coast Health & High Performance Physio

Archer St Physiotherapy Centre

Community Connection Award, sponsored by SwanCare

Urban Revolution

Excellence in Adaptability, sponsored by Total Digital Solutions 

Green Bunch

People’s Choice Award, sponsored by Perth Legal Collective

Social Manna

Business Hall of Fame Inductees

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