The Town has drainage requirements for residential developments of up to four units and our stormwater requirements can be obtained by downloading our drainage calculation sheet. (See document at bottom of this page.) 

If your development will be greater than this, it will need to have the design carried out and certified by a practicing hydraulic engineer.  It will be the engineer’s duty to determine the applicable storm to be used in order to comply with Building Codes, Australian Standards and any other relevant legislation. Stormwater shall be retained on-site for minor and major storm events (up to and including the 100 year ARI).  Where water is retained on-site for the major storm, the ponding water level shall not adversely affect internal dwellings and buildings. Connections to the existing road reserve drainage networks are not permitted and bubble-ups shall not be used. 

If the matter relates to development of residential development of five units or more, commercial or industrial development – applicants may be required to have the stormwater drainage designed and signed by a practising hydraulic engineer. 
If the matter relates to drainage on a road (i.e. flooding, new projects) – please refer to any engineering technical officer. 

General Information 

The Town does not generally allow for any connections to the Town's stormwater drainage system. For certain commercial or industrial developments, the owner of the property may propose and make an application for an extension or connection to the Town’s stormwater drainage system. Any approvals shall be made by the Manager of Technical Services based on the assessment and recommendations of the Street Life department after reviewing the developer’s whole of network pipe upgrade design ensuring that upstream pipes will perform to their original design requirements. 
Where there is concern regarding the pollution of the stormwater generated on such a property, the stormwater must be adequately treated and retained on site by an approved method.  
In general, for all residential properties, commercial or industrial developments, stormwater is to be retained on site.   
Any connection to the Town’s stormwater drainage system is undertaken by the Town at the owner’s cost.

Onsite Stormwater Drainage Requirements Sheet

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