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Are you passionate about your local public space? Have you been involved in planting your local park or micro space and want to help to look after it? The Your Space program is where the Town and the community can work together to do just this.

Your Space is all about helping people connect with their local green spaces and empowering residents to take an active role in the care and cultivation of the green spaces that enrich our neighbourhoods.

By tending to plants, parks, and your local green space, you can contribute to the beauty and health of our local ecosystems, while strengthening our community and meeting other like-minded neighbours.

How to get involved

We have a number of ways to get involved in your local public spaces.

(vic) Park Care Crew

Sign up for our (vic) Park Care Crew and we'll help you get involved with caring for your favourite park, micro park or public place.

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Planting Activities

Join us for hands-on planting days and workshops where you can learn tips and tricks to care for our local flora and meet other like-minded community members.

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Volunteer to keep your local area clean and we'll provide you with the resources to help create a healthier, safer environment for everyone.

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Local tree care story

Local resident, Helen, received a street tree outside her home that she's grown quite fond of. Check out Helen's story below and the red flowering gum tree she's smitten with.

Further resources

Urban Forest Knowledge Hub: planting tips and gardening resources

Waterwise plant directory | Watercorp

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