Cat Registration

All cats aged six months or older in Western Australia must be registered with a Local Government Authority. A maximum of three cats only, per property can be registered with the Town of Victoria Park. A cat registration will always expire on 31 October. If a cat is registered mid-way through the year, a one-year registration will expire on 31 October that same year. 

Prior to registration, a cat must be both sterilized and micro-chipped with written proof of each to be produced at the time of registration. Any exemptions preventing a cat from being either sterilized and/or micro-chipped must be provided as a letter from your vet at the time of registration. A person needs to be 18 years or older before they are able to own and register their cat.

Discounts for registration may be offered to pensioners on the sighting of a current pension card at the time of registration.

Register your cat online

You can now register and renew your cat online.

Register your cat online

Renew your cat registration

The Secret Life of Dogs (and Cats!) in Vic Park – Registering Your Pet

Registration Fee

Registration Type Fee Pensioner

One-year registration



Three-year registration



Lifetime registration 



Change of circumstance

Notify the Town if you change your address details, phone number, ownership of your cat or if your cat deceased. If you move to another Council area, you must notify the Council you are leaving and the new Council where you will be residing of your cat's registration details. You will need to ensure that the current registration is transferred to the new Council. Fines may apply if any of this is not completed. 

Cat Registration Form

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