Abandoned vehicles

Vehicles that have been left in the street, a public place or on local government property for a long period of time (over 24 hours in a non-timed parking area) are subject to investigation and potential impounding by the Town’s Rangers.  

If you park your vehicle in the street you need to ensure that it is used daily and not left for longer than 24 hours. If you do not use your vehicle daily store it on your private property. A verge is Council land - not private property. Fines or penalties may apply.

If you see a vehicle that has been on the street for a long period of time without being used and you do not know who owns it contact the Police on 131 444. This ensures that if the vehicle is stolen it can be returned to its owner as soon as possible. If it is not a vehicle of concern to the Police then please contact Rangers on 08 9311 8111. We will need to know the following details:

  1. The vehicle colour, make, and model
  2. The vehicle registration number
  3. How long you have noticed the vehicle left without moving
  4. Its exact location  

All attempts will be made to contact the owner. If this is not possible after an investigation is completed (around seven working days) the vehicle may be impounded and stored at the Town’s impound facility. If the vehicle is not claimed within 60 days of it being impounded the vehicle may be auctioned or disposed of by other means. 

Vehicles that are causing an undue obstruction or left in a manner that is a hazard may be impounded immediately by Rangers if the owner of the vehicle cannot be contacted to remove it.

Fees and charges apply for the release of an impounded vehicle - including daily impound fees.

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