Our Town and Vision

Located 10 minutes from the Perth CBD and home to state and national-level sporting grounds, Curtin University, green spaces galore and thriving communities, all centred around Albany Highway – one of the longest main strips in the Southern Hemisphere, packed with all manner of restaurants, cafes and retail stores – the Town of Victoria Park is a cultural hub nestled on the southern banks of Derbarl Yerrigan (the Swan River).

Suburbs within the Town include Victoria Park, East Victoria Park, Lathlain, Carlisle and Burswood, as well as sections of Welshpool, Bentley and St. James, with the current population of 38,000 expected to grow to 77,000 by 2050.

While the Town as we know it today has existed since the early 90s, recorded history of the area dates back to pre-European settlement, where there was evidence of Aboriginal presence on the Perth Coastal Plain and the site near the present-day Causeway was known as ‘Matta Gerup’ (knee deep). The Town’s Mindeera Advisory Group is named for Mindeera Springs, which served as a neutral meeting point for different tribes near this area. In 1829 the first non-Indigenous people settled in the area and the first land grants were issued. Originally established in 1894, it was absorbed into the City of Perth in 1917, before being proclaimed an independent municipality and closely resuming its original boundaries in 1994.

Our Purpose

Sustainably serve, empower and connect community.


A dynamic place for everyone.


SOCIAL– To promote sustainable, connected, safe and diverse places for everyone.

ECONOMIC – To promote sustainable, diverse, resilient and prosperous places for everyone.

ENVIRONMENT – To promote sustainable, liveable, healthy and green places for everyone.

CIVIC LEADERSHIP – To show leadership by communicating with, empowering and supporting people in the community.


PROACTIVE – Anticipate, plan and act

INCLUSIVE – Embrace diversity

INTEGRITY – Be honest, accountable and transparent

CARING – Show empathy, consideration and kindness

COURAGE – Be bold and innovative

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