Welcome to Urban Forest at Home, we’re excited to have your help transforming our town into a leafy paradise! As the weather cools and the rains return it’s time to get new plants in the ground and we have loads of fabulous native plants and trees to help you bring Vic Park’s Urban Forest right to your doorstep.  

You don’t need a green thumb or a shed full of gardening tools; if you’ve never grown a plant before our helpful team will give you the full lowdown on how to be a good plant parent when you come to collect your little ones.  

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get planting? 

  • Each household can order up to two plant packs and up to five individual trees for FREE! (Explore the different plant packs below). 
  • Orders open online Thurs 25 April – Get in quick, we’ll be taking orders until stock is exhausted.  
  • Come collect your plants – Saturday 25 May, 9am-2.30pm, Victoria Park Council Depot, 199 Star St, Welshpool.  
  • Special 20-min planting demonstrations at 10am and 2pm (25 May) if you want to learn some tips from our garden gurus. Sign up when you place your plant order.  

Join us in creating a greener, healthier and happier town. Let's grow together with Urban Forest at Home! 




What's available?

We have a range of carefully curated plant packs available for Town of Vic Park Residents, and they are absolutely FREE! 90% of the plant species are endemic to the local area (and many are grown direct from seed collected from Jirdarup Bushland in Kensington) so they will love it in your garden!

Explore the different plant packs below:

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Jirdarup Biodiversity Pack 

Welcome some of our smallest residents into your garden with plants that provide food and lodging for our local wildlife. Hello lizards, birds and bees! 

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Bush Tucker Pack 

Wrap your tastebuds around some delicious new hyper-local flavours. Your garden will look and taste great with this mix of amazing local species. 

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Strappy Leaf Native Pack 

Low and leafy; this collection of rushes and grasses bring beautiful texture, hardy greens and splash of colour to your garden beds.  

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WA Ground Cover Verge Pack 

Be the envy of all your neighbours with the smartest looking verge on the street. These waterwise ground covers are low maintenance and handsome as hell. 

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Jirdarup Wildflower Pack 

Celebrate this stunning range of local wildflowers that drive the pollinators wild. This collection has been nurtured from our wonderful Jirdarup Bushland Precinct. 

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If you have a bit more space why not go BIG(ger)! We have many varieties of small, medium and large trees available that bring shade and style to any yard. 

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Welcome, gardeners, new and experienced!

To get ready for plant parenthood, check out these planting tips from Bushy, our Urban Ecosystems Supervisor and resident plant whiz. 

Show us how your plants are faring!

You guys are amazing and we love your readiness to roll up your sleeves and get green! And there are a lot of you, so lets celebrate your fabulous community efforts and the burgeoning Urban Forest we’re farming together

At every opportunity show us how your plants are going – thriving or struggling, dead or alive, from seedling to towering tree. Share your pics, your videos, your audio (yeah, tree audio, now there’s a creative challenge!) Tag us on Facebook and Instagram and use #GreeningVicPark or email us your pics directly at ufs@vicpark.wa.gov.au. 

As if you needed more reasons to grow our Urban Forest

Besides boosting our urban canopy to 20%, this program is really good for you. Gardening isn't just about pretty plants—it's an outdoor workout that boosts physical and mental health. Plus, it's a family affair that keeps kids connected to nature and adults smiling. 

Eco warriors, rejoice! By planting seedlings from our local biodiversity hotspot, you're not just greening your space—you're preserving global biodiversity. Want to learn more about the critters who will be loving your new plants? Perth NRM’s ReWild project has loads of great resources to help you get to know your animal neighbours. They even have ways you can get involved with local rewilding and science projects. Check them out here. 

So, grab a shovel and join the green revolution! Let's grow our urban forest and our community, one tree at a time.  


Frequently asked questions

Oh no – the booking form says that stock is exhausted! 

Sorry you missed out! Whilst we dream of an endless supply of plants, the reality is we have a fixed number of plants to give away through this program. If additional stock does become available it will be released 6 May through the booking form. If youre feeling lucky you can come down to the Council Depot at 2:30pm on Saturday 25 May, where all uncollected plants will be up for grabsroll the dice! 

I’m busy on Saturday 25 May, can I collect my plants on a different day? 

Unfortunately, we cant arrange early collection or hold plant orders after 25 May If you're busy that day maybe reach out to a friend or a neighbour and see if they can collect the plants on your behalf. Just forward them your confirmation email, so they can verify your order and they will be able to collect your plants. 

Can I order more than two plant packs and five trees? 

We love your gardening enthusiasm, but we want this program to be open to as many residents as possible and we want everyone to have a fair chance at snagging their free plants. So, we will only allow you to order up to two (2) plant packs and up to five (5) per household.  

Can I plant a tree on my verge? 

You can plant your new trees on your private property (in your own gardens), however you can’t go planting your trees on the verge. Only species that grow under 0.75 metres are permitted for verge planting. That said, you can request a street tree here   

Can I mix and match plants from different packs? 

No, the packs can only be ordered as a whole. If there are plants in other packs that you love, see if your neighbour would be willing to swap.  

I don’t live in the town of Vic Park, can I order a tree? 

Sorry, the program is only available to Town of Vic Park residents. Many councils run similar programs so get in touch with your local council to see if they have a program you could participate in.  



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