Recycling bins

The Town provides each residential property with a 240-litre recycling bin (yellow lid) for disposal of recyclable household waste. These bins are collected fortnightly (weekly for commercial properties). For more information and to find out what day your bins are collected, visit the bins and collections page.

Recycling other items

Small batteries, fluorescent globes, ink cartridges and mobile phones can be recycled at:

  • Leisurelife Centre, 248 Gloucester Street, East Victoria Park
  • Town Administration, 99 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park
  • Library, 27 Sussex Street, East Victoria Park (Batteries)

Plastic cards and masks can also be dropped off at the Library and Town Administration buildings. Please be aware, items will not be accepted if they do not fit through the allocated slots (max. 7cm width).

Larger items (including e-waste) can be recycled at the Town’s hazardous waste day.

Donating items

Many organisations welcome donations of clean, undamaged clothing, homewares, toys, and electrical goods.

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