Local planning policies

Local planning policies provide guidance and a consistent approach to the way particular types of planning applications and forms of development are assessed and determined by the Town.

Current local planning policies

The current approved local planning policies can be browsed via the below tabs.


Local Planning Policy 25 - Streetscape

Note - In the Town of Victoria Park, the streetscape elements of the R-Codes Volume 1, Part 5 are varied by Council's Local Planning Policy 25 - Streetscape.

Under the provisions of the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia (R-Codes Volume 1), local authorities may prepare and adopt Local Planning Policies to vary the acceptable development provisions for certain design elements set out in Part 5 of the R-Codes Volume 1. The Town of Victoria Park has prepared and adopted Local Planning Policy 25 - Streetscape (LPP 25), which applies to all residential development within the Town, unless specific design guidelines are applicable.

The policy reinforces local residential character by ensuring that new residential development is of high quality and contributes positively to the street environment.

Local Planning Policy 2 - Home-based Businesses

Local Planning Policy 4 - Mixed Use and Residential Uses in Non Residential Areas

Local Planning Policy 7 - Development and Vehicle Access to Properties Abutting Rights-Of-Way

Local Planning Policy 27 - Building Height Controls

Local Planning Policy 36 - Climate Control (Energy Efficiency)

Local Planning Policy 39 - Tree Planting & Retention

Local Planning Policy 42 - Vehicle Access for Residential Development

Commercial & Industrial

Local Planning Policy 3 - Non-Residential Uses in or Adjacent to Residential Areas

Local Planning Policy 6 - Family Day Care and Child Care Premises

Local Planning Policy 10 - Pedestrian Walkways 

Local Planning Policy 14 - Industrial Uses in Proximity to Residential Areas

Local Planning Policy 27 - Building Height Controls

Local Planning Policy 38 - Signs

Local Planning Policy 39 - Tree Planting & Retention

This policy outlines the requirements for the provision of planting and retention of trees on private land and the street verge associated with the development of land in the Town.

The Town's Preferred Tree Species List has been developed to assist developers, builders and homeowners with selection of trees that may be suitable for planting within private property, in accordance with LPP 39.

Read more information on LPP39

Planning Procedures

Local Planning Policy 28 - State Administrative Tribunal Applications for Review

Local Planning Policy 29 - Public Art Private Developer Contribution

Local Planning Policy 32 - Exemptions from Development Approval

Local Planning Policy 33 - Guide to Concessions on Planning Requirements for Mixed Use, Multiple Dwelling and Non-Residential Developments

Local Planning Policy 37 - Community Consultation on Planning Proposals

Local Planning Policy 43 - Heritage List

This policy includes the following details around the creation, maintenance and amendment of the heritage list and places included on it:

  • Format of the heritage list. 
  • Threshold for inclusion on the list.
  • Specifying the requirement for development approval.
  • Changes to the heritage list.
  • Exemptions from development approvals for works to a place on the list.
  • Submission of Heritage Impact Statements.

Town of Victoria Park Local Heritage List 

For more information on Local Heritage 


Local Planning Policy 11 - Control and Location of Amusement Centres

Local Planning Policy 21 - Restricted Premises

Local Planning Policy 31 - Serviced Apartments and Residential Buildings including Short Term Accommodation

This policy guides and facilitates the appropriate provision of specialised forms of accommodation other than dwellings, including accommodation occupied on a temporary basis, such as bed and breakfasts, residential buildings, lodging houses, and serviced apartments.

Read more information on LPP 31

Local Planning Policy 34 - Sea Containers 

Revoked local planning policies

The following Local Planning Policies have been revoked and are no longer operational:

  • LPP 1 - Public Notification / Advertising Procedure (Revoked 11 December 2018)
  • LPP 5 - Mixed Residential or Commercial Development (Revoked 11 December 2018)
  • LPP 9 - Design Guidelines for Burswood Lakes (Revoked 16 August 2022)
  • LPP 12 - Control and Location of Advertising Balloons and Blimps (Revoked 27 November 2018)
  • LPP 13 - Roof Signs (Revoked 27 November 2018)
  • LPP 18 - Telecommunications Facilities (Revoked 18 February 2020)
  • LPP 19 - Satellite Dishes (Revoked 18 February 2020)
  • LPP 35 – Policy Relating to Development in Burswood Station East (Revoked 21 February 2023)
  • LPP 41 - Exemption Policy for Specified Changes of Use and Activities Carried Out From Existing Buildings (Revoked 22 April 2021)


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