Mattress Collections (On-Demand)

Each residential property within the Town of Victoria Park is now eligible to apply for up to two mattress collections per financial year.

To use this service, you will need to submit an online application and wait for a response. You will be contacted with a date to put your mattress out and the estimated date of collection. You can put out one or two mattresses per collection.

Only mattresses are accepted. Bed frames or mattress bases are not accepted and should be collected as bulk waste instead.

    Number of mattresses*

    By submitting your booking application, you agree to the conditions of the on-demand mattress collection.

    Mattresses must not be placed on the verge until confirmation and put out date received by the Town of Victoria Park.

    If your mattress/es are not put out in time for your designated collection time, you must re-apply for the on-demand collection.

    Only mattresses are accepted for the on-demand collection.

    Each residential property is eligible for two (2) mattress collections per year. Up to two (2) mattresses can be collected at a time.



    When placing your mattress/es out for collection, please ensure:

    • Mattresses are placed on the front verge or side verge of your property.
    • Mattresses are not obstructing a footpath, normal bin service, the road or driveways (except your own driveway).
    • Mattresses are placed out prior to 6am on the collection date.
    • Mattresses are placed at least one metre away from any obstructions.

    Does your mattress still have life in it?

    Consider donating your mattress to a charity service. The ones listed below will come and collect a mattress that is still in good condition from your property.  

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