Advocacy Priorities 2023 - 2024

Each year the Council to select five priorities projects that we advocate for to State and Federal government to secure funds or support to deliver.

It is important to consider how the Town engages with not only government but also with the community to understand what they need from us. The Town’s Advocacy Strategy reflects honest, sincere, and thorough community engagement at a local level. This in turn will impact on how we are perceived by the State Government and local MPs.

The Town follows a three-tiered  approach to advocating for priority projects:

Building community support locally

Building State Government buy-in

Engagement with the Federal Government

The Town collaborates with local Ministers, bureaucracy, grant providers and business. Our Elected Members act as advocates on behalf of these projects and act as partners with administration to achieve our advocacy and grant goals.  


What we are advocating for

Edward Millen Parklands 

  • Realise the full potential of the expansive Edward Millen Park, complementing the State Heritage-listed building restoration.

  • Attract recreation and leisure visitors to East Victoria Park.

  • Deliver a well-considered and respectfully adaptive redevelopment result for the community, including the estimated one in 70 Australians on the Autism spectrum.

  • Create an inclusive play space where all children can feel safe and welcome.

McCallum Park Active Precinct, 

  • Increase community connection through participation in active and passive recreation.

  • Complement the State- and Federal Government-funded Causeway Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge with adjacent supporting infrastructure.

  • Provide facilities for the community to foster inclusion, promote healthy lifestyle habits and teach lifelong skills.

  • Create a safe space for youth to gather and connect on weekends and after school.

Archer Mint Street 

  • Broader Streetscape improvements.

  • Rejuvenate the Carlisle town centre into a busy and vibrant district with shops, groceries, café, and other amenities.

  • Encourage active transport with cycle lane connected to the town centre and train station.

  • Advocate to main roads to drop the speed limit to 30K in the town centre 

Mid – Tier Transit and Short Range Bus Transit (CAT) 

  • Support of a Mid-tier transit system including a connection from Curtin University to Perth CBD

Kent Street Sand Pit 

  • Restore the site to Banksia Woodland, which will enhance the neighbouring Kensington Bushland

  • Provide habitat for native fauna, including Black Cockatoos

  • Contribute to our Urban Forest Strategy objective of achieving 20 per cent tree canopy

  • Provide a valuable passive recreation asset for surrounding residents and visitors

  • Connection to the area’s indigenous heritage, which includes yarning spaces and knowledge exchange nodes for the sharing of Aboriginal stories and history, and conceptual alignment of walking trails in accordance with cultural mapping of the site.

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