Swimming Pools and Spas 

A building permit is required for the installation of a swimming pool/spa as well as a pool/spa barrier. If you would like to apply for a building permit, please refer to our Building Forms, Fees and Checklists page.

The Building Regulations 2012 require all private swimming pools and spas with water that is more than 30cm deep to have a safety barrier installed that stops young children accessing the pool and surrounds. 

Swimming pool enclosures must be in place and in compliance with the Building Regulations 2012, A.S. 1926.1 and the Building Code of Australia, and inspected prior to the use of the swimming pool/spa. If the building permit applied for and received is only for the swimming pool/spa, a separate building permit application is required to be lodged with the Town of Victoria Park, approved and issued for the swimming pool barrier fencing.   

At the completion of the swimming pool/spa and barrier, an inspection certificate from the installer or other suitably qualified person, confirming that the swimming pool/spa barrier(s) is/are compliant is required to be provided to the Town of Victoria Park along with the BA7–Notice of Completion form.  At the receipt of your BA7–Notice of Completion form, the Town will arrange for an inspection of the completed swimming pool/spa and barrier.  You will need to provide us with your availability and contact details. 

Following our first inspection of the swimming pool/spa and barrier, the Town will conduct regulatory swimming pool/spa and barrier inspections every four years.  If your swimming pool/spa is decommissioned or removed, you will need to advise us in writing so that we may arrange for a final inspection and update our records accordingly. 

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