Integrated Transport Programs

The Integrated Transport Program outlines the Town’s approach to achieve our transport vision to provide an integrated, accessible and sustainable transport network which connects people to places and supports the Town as a liveable inner-city community. The Program consists of a series of sub-programs that detail the projects and initiatives to be delivered over the next ten years. The program approach ensures that changes to the Town’s transport network are undertaken in a strategic and prioritised manner to deliver maximum benefits to our community. 

The Town is currently working on planning, delivering and implementing the following Integrated Transport Sub-Programs.

Skinny Streets Sub-Program

The Skinny Streets sub-program involves treating certain local streets through narrowing and traffic calming measures to encourage lower vehicle speeds. By reducing their hostility, the town hopes to encourage more walking and cycling on local streets, fostering a healthier and cohesive community.  

Bike Network Sub-Program

Our community has expressed a desire to fast-track the development of the Town’s cycling network. Key bicycle network initiatives which are considered a priority for the Town include: 

  • Completing the Rutland Avenue Shared Path
  • Installing protected bike lanes along Berwick Street (providing access to the proposed Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridges) 
  • Upgrading shared path facilities along Kent Street / Miller Street and Roberts Road (linking Curtin University to Orrong Road) 
  • Undertaking an investigation into improving outcomes for cyclists on Albany Highway between Canning Highway and Welshpool Road. 
  • Providing new/upgraded on-road cycle lanes on Oats Street / Hill View Terrace between Holder Street and Orrong Road. 
  • Upgrading the Hayman Road shared path between Adie Court and Holder Street. 
  • Bike network infrastructure will also facilitate use of eRideables (such as electric scooters), which are rapidly proliferating in Western Australia. 

Pedestrian Infrastructure Sub-Program

High quality pedestrian environments are pivotal to increasing travel by active and sustainable modes of transport. Included in this program is the development and implementation of a Town Wide Wayfinding Strategy which will improve the legibility, safety and ease of pedestrian and cyclist navigation of the Town’s network. 

Streetscape Improvement Plan Sub-Program

The Streetscape Improvement Program will enhance the Town’s sense of place and deliver high quality streetscapes where people want to actively move around and spend time in. The delivery of this program will also help to achieve the Town’s urban tree canopy coverage target in accordance with the Urban Forest Strategy. 

Intersection and Vehicle Safety Sub-Program

There are major movement corridors that traverse the Town that intersect and can be difficult to navigate for road users and potentially represent a safety risk and need to be rectified. 

Intersections targeted for investigation, design and delivery of upgrades under the Intersection and Vehicle Safety Sub-Program include: 

  • Kent Street / Berwick Street 
  • Albany Highway / Welshpool Road 
  • Manning Road / Waterford Avenue / Kent Street 
  • Canning Highway / Berwick Street 
  • McMillan Street and Albany Highway Intersection Upgrade (redesign) 
  • George Street / Berwick Street / McMillian Street Intersection Upgrades 
  • Berwick Street / Boundary Road / Chapman Road 
  • Cohn Street and Planet Street 

Transport Advocacy and Partnership Sub-Program

Many of the transport opportunities and challenges that we face can be best met by State Authorities and other entities. It is for this reason that the Integrated Transport Strategy has a heavy emphasis on a targeted advocacy and partnership approach. This sub-program includes a range of tasks and focus areas to help the Town direct its advocacy and stakeholder management efforts.

Some of our current transport advocacy focuses include:

METRONET projects

Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridges

Parking Management Sub-Program

The Town's Parking Management Plan is the primary guiding document for the management of existing and future parking within the Town is carefully aligned to the themes of the Integrated Transport Strategy. The Parking Management Plan outlines a range of general and place specific parking actions that are required to be undertaken over a 10-year period. 

Transport Modelling and Performance Measurement Sub-Program

It is important that the Town continues to model and monitor the critical data sets that help inform the work within the Integrated Transport Programs and assess the performance of completed projects. The tasks within this program will help the Town analyse data for key issues affecting the transport network including:  

  • The development of a Town wide traffic model to better assess and manage the likely traffic impacts of proposed developments. 
  • Monitoring freight and heavy vehicle access in and out of the Welshpool Industrial Area. 
  • Auditing walking and cycling infrastructure in the vicinity of all schools within the town to inform interventions that can improve walking and bike access for school students. 

Travel Demand Management Sub-Program

This program focusses on encouraging a shift in the way people choose to travel in addition to the infrastructure changes the Town may undertake. Initiatives include: 

  • Working with the local community to improve understanding of parking and transport issues. 
  • Participating in the Department of Transports' YourMove program to deliver travel demand management schemes and initiatives as part of the YourMove Schools and Workplaces programs. 
  • Developing and implementing Travel Plans for the Council Administration Centre and key council run facilities such as Leisure life, Aqua life and Victoria Park Library. 
  • Develop guidelines on the preparation of Travel Plans for developers.  

Active Transport Education & Promotions Sub-Program

The Education and Promotions Sub-Program encourages active transport modes and promotes the projects and programs of the Integrated Transport Strategy and Parking Management Plan to our community. Projects and initiatives include: 

  • Plan and Support ‘Car Free’ Days 
  • Investigating the merits of an e-bike salary sacrifice scheme for the town of Vic Park and other organisations within the Town. 
  • Apply for active transport grant funding support from the Department of Transport, such as the Connecting Schools Grant, or from other relevant agencies.

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