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Street tree planting forms an integral part of our Urban Forest Strategy, which will soon enter its fifth year of striving to increase the Town’s tree canopy coverage to 20%. Our shared efforts have added a total of 484,231m² of projected canopy so far! 

Each year, the Town runs its Leafy Streets program during its planting season (June to September), which identifies verges for planting and gives residents a choice of tree to add to their verge.

We also welcome resident-led interest in having a verge tree planted and will consider requests on a case-by-case basis.

Requested locations are inspected prior to winter to determine the species and number of trees that can be planted. To maintain consistency across streetscape works within the Town, species selection is generally determined by taking into consideration the existing species and environmental conditions.  

Local streetscapes and the wider community benefit from street trees in a variety of ways, including:

  • Cooling the air
  • Filter urban pollutants
  • Increase property values (leafy suburbs)
  • Increase urban biodiversity 
  • Improve mental and physical health 

Request a street tree 

Requests for new street trees must be received by the last Friday in January each year. This is to ensure that we are able to source the best stock available for planting.

To request for a street tree, click on the link below.

Street tree request form

Leafy Streets Program

Each year, the Town runs its Leafy Streets program during its planting season (June to September), which identifies verges for planting and gives residents a choice of tree to add to their verge.

Leafy Streets

How can I find tree planting locations?

The search map below indicates the boundaries and locations of our street tree planting as part of our Leafy Streets program. To use the search map, please type in your address, and tree planting location details will appear.

Note: only addresses searchable are where street tree planting is to occur and where residents have been notified by letter. 

Tree planting map

Who is responsible for maintaining street trees?

Street trees are living assets of the Town. The Town is responsible for the maintenance of all trees within verge areas including planting, pruning and removal.

Where overhead power lines are present, street trees are required to be pruned by the Town in accordance with Western Power requirements for the clearance of overhead power lines.

Have you spotted a street tree in need of some extra care? You can make a request for service to help our trees grow and reach their full potential through our 'Verges and street trees' form here

Below is the Town's annual tree pruning schedule by area.


Road boundaries 


Lathlain - South of Great Eastern Highway, west verge of Orrong Road, Roberts Road, Railway Line 


Burswood Peninsula - North of Canning Highway and Great Eastern Highway 


Burswood, Victoria Park - Canning Highway, Great Eastern Highway, Railway Line, both sides of Miller Street, both sides of Albany Highway 


East Victoria Park, Welshpool - From Miller Street, Railway Line, Welshpool Road, both sides of Albany Highway


St James - Including both sides of Hill View Terrace


East Victoria Park - Both sides of Kent Street to Albany Highway, to Hill View Terrace, both sides of Berwick Street 


Victoria Park - South east of Canning Highway to Albany Highway, to Kent Street, both sides of Berwick Street 


Kensington, East Victoria Park, Between Kent Street, Berwick Street and Hill View Terrace, both sides of Jarrah Road


Bentley - Jarrah Road, Hill View Terrace, Marquis Street, McKay Street, Conlon Street, Manning Road, eastern verge of Kent Street 


Welshpool, Carlisle - Both sides of Oats Street, western verge of Orrong Road, north verge of Kew Street, Planet Street, Briggs Street, Rutland Avenue between Welshpool Road and Oats Street


Carlisle - North of Oats Street to both sides of Roberts Road 


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