Bus stop thank you gardens

We are transforming some bus stops around Town, from its typical concrete surroundings into a “garden” with some plants and trees.

This Bus Stop Thank You Garden urban forest program aims to:

  • Say a BIG Thank You to our community for choosing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly form of transport, contributing to the Town's commitment to reduce the effect of climate change
  • Beautify and "green" bus stops around Town to elevate the experience of catching a bus, encouraging more people to choose public transport
  • Reduce the heat that emanates from a mostly hardscape around bus stops with shade from trees and ground coverings from plants. 

How does it work?

The Town's Officers will identify suitable bus stops for urban greening. Some of the considerations that need to take place might include:

  • If there is space for plants and trees to be added around the bus stop;
  • Maintaining accessibility for all passengers hopping in and out of the buses;
  • Frequency of bus stop use. 

Once a site is suitably identified, a design will be developed and the project will be held as a potential inclusion in the future planting season. 

Have a bus stop to recommend?

If you would like to see your regular bus stop turned into a thank you garden, submit your idea via our Urban Forest Planting Project Proposal.

Submit a Planting Project Proposal

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