Be Flood Aware

Floods are unpredictable and can happen in regions that don't generally see large amounts of rain.

Situated along the Swan River on low-lying land, the Town of Victoria Park is subject to both riverine and coastal flooding or a combination of both.

This means it is important for our community to understand the existing risks, make informed
decisions and be aware of potential flood behaviour for a range of events.

8 things to do if a flood is likely

  1. Monitor local radio, local TV and the Emergency WA or Bureau of Meteorology websites for flood and storm surge information and advice.
  2. Turn off your home’s gas, electricity and water.
  3. Move your valuables, furniture and clothing to the highest point possible.
  4. Secure loose objects and relocate vehicles, outdoor equipment, waste containers, chemicals and poisons.
  5. Move your pets and animals to a safer location.
  6. Check on your neighbours to make sure they’re ready.
  7. Put fuel in your vehicle, or ensure it's charged.
  8. If you’re relocating to a safer place or welfare centre, do this early, before you see floodwaters.

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council, in conjunction with the Town and other eastern councils, has a range of resources to help the community understand the risks in their area, and to be prepared for flooding should it happen.

Flood Aware brochure

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