Portable signs on paths and verges

The Town of Victoria Park is a strong advocate for local businesses and encourages their promotion through the use of signs. However, it is essential to meet certain requirements to ensure that these signs do not pose any access issues to pedestrians and businesses.

There are three common types of signs used within the Town:

  • Portable direction signs: These free-standing signs designed to provide directions.
  • Portable signs: These signs are free-standing primarily used for advertising purposes.
  • Portable real estate signs: These signs are specifically used to advertise open houses and are also portable and free-standing.

If you wish to display a portable sign, you will need to obtain a permit in compliance with the local laws of the Town. However, one portable advertising sign per premises is allowed without a permit, as long as it does not exceed one meter in height or one square meter in area. This sign should be placed outside the business during its opening hours to attract attention. It is important to note that there are specific restrictions for the placement of portable signs. They should not be erected over footpaths with a vertical clearance of less than 2.5 meters, on roundabouts, median strips or traffic islands, or in any location that may obstruct lines of sight along thoroughfares. Additionally, they should not be placed on natural features like rocks or trees, on power or light poles, traffic lights, road nameplate posts, road traffic signs, bridges, or structural approaches to bridges.

Similarly, portable direction signs also require a permit according to the local laws. However, one portable direction sign can be placed without a permit on a thoroughfare infrequently or occasionally. These signs are meant to direct attention to a place, activity, or event during its operating hours, and they should not exceed one meter in height or one square meter in area. The placement restrictions for portable direction signs are similar to those for portable signs.

As for portable real estate direction signs, they serve the same purpose as portable direction signs and require a permit. However, the Town allows three of these signs to be placed without a permit. One sign can be placed outside the property during the advertised "Home Open" event, and one sign can be placed on each of the nearest intersections on either side of the property on that day. These signs must be removed once the event is completed, and they should adhere to the size limitations and placement restrictions mentioned earlier.

By following these guidelines, businesses in the Town of Victoria Park can effectively use signs to promote their activities while maintaining the safety and convenience of residents, visitors, and fellow businesses.

Examples of non-compliant signage

Examples of compliant signage

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