Yearly planting progress reports

View our latest planting progress report, which combines all of the planting activities that have happened around Town and are associated with the urban forest program initiatives. 

The reports covers the planting activities that occur between the months of May/June-September.

Check out the tree planting reports below.

2019 Report

In 2019, almost triple the amount of trees were planted in public spaces compared to the 2018 planting season. We planted 1659 trees and 118,000 shrubs around the Town. This added a total of 70,000m2 of projected canopy to the Town's Urban Forest.

2019 Tree Planting Season Report

2020 Report

In 2020, we planted 2,899 trees and 29,419 shrubs around the Town. Overall, the 2020 Urban Forest program planting season added 110,000m2 of projected canopy cover to the Town. 

2020 Tree Planting Season Report

2021 Report

In 2021, the Town and our community worked together to deliver 140,534m2 of projected canopy cover through a variety of planting activities. We planted 3,921 trees around the Town. 

2021 Tree Planting Season Report

2022 Report

In 2022 we focused on how our planting season activities contribute to our strategic outcomes form the Urban Forest Implementation Action Plan. We planted 3,386 trees and 21,822 shurbs around the Town, which contributed to 111,697m2 in projected canopy cover for our Town.

2022 Tree Planting Season Report

2022 Planting Season Report Infographic


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