Barking dogs

Barking is a dog’s natural means of communication and often signifies its alertness to danger or intruders. At times, however, a dog's continuous barking can affect nearby properties. If a dog’s continuous barking is becoming a problem for you then you may need to speak directly to the dog’s owner. Often owners are not aware of their dog’s behaviour, especially if they are absent when it occurs. On many occasions, the dog's owner is appreciative of the direct approach and this can resolve the issue and help generate good relations between neighbours.

Sometimes it may be difficult to talk with the dog's owner. You may therefore prefer to fill out our barking dog card and leave it with your neighbour. Although not a requirement, leaving your name and a contact number on this card gives you and your neighbour the opportunity to discuss and hopefully resolve the issue.

If the problem persists, contact the Town's Rangers through customer service on 08 9311 8111. To assist Rangers in their investigation they may send out a Barking Dog Diary for you to complete over a two-week period. The completed form can then be posted or scanned and emailed to the Town. The information that you provide in this document is a record of the problem that you are encountering and is required for a Ranger to act on your behalf. This information can show patterns that might help resolve the issue and may also be used as evidence if required. 

Addressing barking, if deemed a nuisance by the Town, is a legislative requirement as defined by The Dog Act 1976.  

Nuisance dog process

In support of the Act, the Department of Local Government, Sport, and Cultural Industries has developed standards that are used by Local Governments when determining whether barking is at nuisance levels. As part of this assessment, although not specifically required by the Act, it is industry practice for Local Governments to request diaries be submitted, which provide detail about the time, duration, and frequency that barking is impacting you.

Please note: You will need to continue to fill in the diary while an investigation is being undertaken and may be required to complete multiple diaries as the matter is resolved.

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