Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project

  • Project value$70 million

The Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project is a Town of Victoria Park revitalisation project being partly delivered under a unique public-private partnership, to provide a sustainable multi-use sporting, recreation, health and education precinct for the whole community.

To deliver the project, a partnership has formed between the Town, West Coast Eagles, Wirrpanda Foundation and Perth Football Club, which aims to set new standards in the delivery of an active community sports complex, as well as lasting community benefits.

The project is made up of seven zones, most of which have been completed. The zone in focus for 2020 and beyond is Zone 1 - Perth Football Club.

Community Benefits Strategy

The Community Benefits Strategy is a collaborative approach between the Town of Victoria Park and its project partners the West Coast Eagles, Wirrpanda Foundation and Perth Football Club.

The Community Benefits Strategy underpins the lease commitment of the project partners’ delivering programs to the community, as part of the redevelopment of the Lathlain Precinct. The community benefit programs will be resourced by:

  • One full time staff member from the West Coast Eagles,
  • One full time staff member from the Wirrpanda Foundation and
  • One hundred hours of West Coast Eagles player involvement, per year.

Listening to the community has been a key ingredient in developing the Community Benefit Strategy and selecting the community benefit programs to be delivered the first five years. 

You can read the Community Benefits Strategy under Council documents.

Community Activity Zone 2 and 2X acknowledgements

The Lathlain sunset celebration event held on 6 March 2021 capped off the Community Activity Zone portion of the LPRP.

The Town would like to acknowledge and thank the following people who contributed to the success of the zone.

Firstly, a big thank you to the community members who participated in the workshops and provided the then project team with all of the wants, needs and priorities that informed the concept plan. 

In particular, thank you to the members of the community reference group who gave up their time on a regular basis to share diverse views.

  • Alana Downey
  • Peter Melrosa
  • Geoff Robinson
  • Maxine Petty
  • Sue Coltrona
  • Brooke Gowles
  • Simon Mead
  • Margaret Redfern
  • Colleen Hanlon
  • Pat Brewer
  • Patrice Duffy
  • Jody Castle.


Even bigger thanks to the organisations that assisted with the funding of the project,

  • the State Government through the Sport and Recreation team of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, for $2 million
  • to Lotterywest in respect to Zone 2X for $1.8 million.


Special mention to

  • department officer Clayton White and
  • to Lotterywest Senior Grants officer Lee Grmas.


We also acknowledge Indian Pacific Limited (West Coast Eagles), who, as part of their Zone 3 ground lease commitments to the Town, contributed $1 million to this community activity project.


Thank you to all of the current and past Councillors who have contributed to achieving this outcome, and to those that were part of the Lathlain Precinct Elected Member Project Team, originally

  • Cr Keith Hayes
  • Cr Jennifer Ammons Noble
  • Cr Claire Anderson
  • Cr Brian Oliver

and later,

  • Cr Rohhnda Potter
  • Cr Karen Vernon.


Recognition goes to current and past Town executive that have been closely involved with this project, including

  • Anthony Vuleta
  • Ben Killigrew
  • Natalie Martin Good
  • Warren Bow
  • Mike Cole
  • Nathan Cain.


Thank you to the Town officers and consultants that drove the community engagement and concept plan preparation,

  • lead by Town officer Jessica Gannaway
  • with the assistance of Damian Pericles from Realmstudio
  • Jessica Black and Cath Blake-Powell from TPG
  • Carrie Parsons as consultant.


Also to the other Town officers that contributed in this engagement phase

  • Andrew Ford
  • Suzanne Browne
  • Hayley Boyd.


Recognition for the external consultants in the detail design phase,

  • Peter Hillman and Zak Harford at Urbis
  • Travis Demeza, Alisdair MacKerron and Bronwyn Clements at WGE
  • Joe Romano and Keith O’Malley at Best
  • Andre Pretorius at Hydroplan
  • Taryn McQueen at Populous
  • Mark Hampson and Bryan Scott at RBB.


Thank you to our finance and procurement team members, especially

  • Bonnie Hutchins
  • Anne Thampoe
  • Shelly Woods
  • Gabor Bronson

and to the Probity Advisor, Wade Dunstan from Stantons International.


Recognition to Town engineers

  • Frank Squadrito
  • Patrick Bingham
  • Denis Lau

for the design and delivery of the McCartney Crescent parking and landscaping.


Thank you to the Parks and Assets team members,

  • Gregor Wilson
  • Dion Johnson
  • Tom Ogilby
  • Ben Holloway

for input into detail design and for operational commissioning after practical completions.


For the construction phase, thanks to the Advanteering Civil Engineers construction contractors team, especially

  • Matthew Merrin
  • Tom Cunningham
  • Justin Pauleto
  • Murray Cobb
  • their General Manager Dan Cunningham

and to all of their sub-contractors.


Thanks to the Towns Public Art Officer Yvette Coyne, and to our sculptural artists

  • Jon Tarry (cockatoos) and 
  • Tony Jones (light houses).


To our Town Community team contributors, especially

  • Kaitlyn Griggs
  • Alison Braun

and to the Town events team, especially Jenna Whistler, thank you for your efforts.

Families enjoying the Lathlain sunset celebration 6 March 2021
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